How Old Is Danny De Vito? Net Worth, Height, Wife, Movies and Everything You Need to Know

Danny DeVito age

Every die-hard movie fan is undoubtedly familiar with the name of the young, charming actor Danny DeVito, who has delighted audiences with noteworthy parts for over fifty years. His creative history includes more than a hundred pieces, and this actor’s filmography is continuously expanding.

Few people are aware that Danny is an independent man. One could argue that the short Italian is an illustration of the standard “American dream,” where someone achieves film success as a result of their hard work and determination.

Young Age and Childhood

Danny DeVito age

Daniel Michael “Danny” DeVito, Jr. was born in Neptune, a small town in New Jersey, in the northeastern United States. Danny’s parents, who are of Italian descent, were not very notable individuals and had no knowledge whatsoever about filmmaking. The future actor’s father had to switch careers multiple times to make a living.

He attempted to launch his own business, working in the laundry, trying to build a billiards club, and selling sweets in a confectioner’s shop before settling on the hairdressing industry and starting his own salon. Daniel Sr. was concerned about his son’s slow growth and frequently took him to the doctor, who found no medical abnormalities. The boy was healthy, and the future actor’s father held the belief that because his son did not grow to be taller than other children, he would necessarily outperform them in terms of mental development. The little DeVito was consequently enrolled in the neighborhood Catholic school.

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Learning Insights

When Danny was a young child, he was enthusiastic about learning humour and acting. He attended Oratory Preparatory School, Summit (An Art School) to finish high school for this reason. Later, he visited the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to receive acting instruction at the academy.

Age of Danny De Vito

Danny DeVito age


He was born on November 17, 1944, as Danny DeVito. Danny DeVito is currently 77 years old. Famous for his work as an actor, comedian, and filmmaker, Danny DeVito. If you’re one of the many admirers wondering how tall Danny DeVito is, you can find out in the area below. Keep in touch with us for more recent information.

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After numerous disappointments, Danny fled the city of dreams in 1966. The American playwright Eugene O’Neill’s Connecticut theatre centre sent an employment offer to the Italian. There, DeVito made a new acquaintance. He was directed to the theatre by renowned actor Michael Douglas.

But Danny didn’t gain much fame or money from his initial role in the movie (the name of the beginning actor was not even mentioned in the captions). It was a movie by renowned director Woody Allen with the interesting title Bananas (1971). DeVito was given a minor role and spoke briefly during the movie.

After making his film debut, the dynamic Italian actor continued to appear in modest, ordinary roles on TV, which still caught the audience’s attention. He appeared in movies including Loafer (1973), Hurry Up, or I’ll Be 30 (1973), and Dreams of Glass (1970).

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Individual Life

On January 17, 1971, DeVito and Rhea Perlman first crossed paths when Perlman went to see a friend perform in the play “The Shrinking Bride,” in which DeVito also appeared. The couple had moved in together two weeks later. Their wedding day was January 28, 1982. They have three kids together.

They divorced in October 2012 after 30 years of marriage, however they later got back together in March 2013. In March 2017, they divorced for the second time amicably, however they have indicated they don’t want to. Together, DeVito and Perlman have collaborated on numerous projects, including the television series “Taxi” and the motion picture “Matilda.”

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