Daniel Andrews responds to Scott Morrison’s’crucial’ roadmap remarks

Daniel Andrews reacts to Scott Morrison’s ‘critical’ roadmap comments

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews did his very best to fob off a query about a”crucial” press release issued from the Prime Minister.

Mr Andrews declared on Sunday the Melbourne’s stringent COVID-19 lockdown, that was expected to finish in mid-September, could currently be prolonged for an excess fortnight.

Following the statement, Prime Minister Scott Morrison published a joint press statement with the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and also Minister for Health Greg Hunt that stated:”Today’s statement by the Portuguese authorities to expand lockdown arrangements will probably be challenging and crushing information for those of Victoria, along with a further reminder of the effect and costs that result in not having the ability to include outbreaks of COVID-19, leading to high rates of network transmission”

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The statement continued:”The suggested roadmap will arrive in an additional financial price. When this has to be weighed against decrease the probability of additional community epidemic, it’s likewise a fact that the continuing restrictions will have additional effect on the national and Victorian market, in additional job losses and lack of livelihoods, in addition to impacting on mental wellness.

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“Obviously the Federal Government want to find limitations in Victoria increased as soon as it’s safe to do so, however in the close of the day that these are conclusions exclusively to the Victorian Government to ascertain along with the roadmap published now is a Victorian Authorities program ”

Mr Andrews appeared The Sunday Project and has been asked how he felt regarding the language employed in the media release.

“The Prime Minister, Treasurer and the Federal Health Minister issued a joint release, calling the statement that you created’crushing and hard information’, which sort of sounds crucial,” co-host Peter van Onselen said.

“On Friday, the Prime Ministerthat he’d state that he would not want Victoria to escape lockdown also soon.

“Where do they put with this: Why are they together with you or from you?” Onselen requested.

“Well, you would want to consult with the Prime Minister concerning the words that he selects in press releases,” Mr Andrews said.

“I talked to him before I left these statements. Our venture is an essential one, there is no time for politics in this manner ”

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Onselen pushed , inquiring the highest:”What would you consider these phrases he (Scott Morrison) has employed?”

“Prime Ministers and Premiers have to get concentrated on the task at hand and that is not attempting to translate media releases,” Mr Andrews said.

“That is working together as tightly as we can to do this work done, and that is exactly what we are doing.”


Mr Andrews was additionally requested a difficult question by The Sunday Project’s Lisa Wilkinson who grilled the greatest regarding the”powerful and diverse responses” into his lockdown expansion.

“Jennifer Westacott in the BCA (Business Council of Australia) believes businesses that had functioning COVID-safe strategies and no transmissions must be permitted to reopen. Why can not they?”

“Lisa, I will only say this: it is not so much if or not a company has a history of ailments, we just can not let their clients from their houses like this virus did not really exist,” Mr Andrews said. “It isn’t about the company setting — it’s significant — but it does not start and end there.

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“It’s all about the number of clients, the amount of taxpayers, can we’ve moving freely through metropolitan Melbourne, during regional Victoria, which point appears to have been overlooked.

“Finally we will need to get this done at a continuous and secure method,” the premier said. “If we can do faster, if we might have made distinct statements now, in the event the science, then the information along with

the health care experts had advocated something distinct, then obviously I’d have declared something distinct.

“We can not ignore the fact we confront. Only because we need this to be finished, we can not pretend it is.

“There is a great deal of pain on the market, I know , but there’ll be more pain when we’re available for only a couple weeks then shut down for weeks.”

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