Dance with the Stars’ 25 Most Shocking Moments

Dancing with the Stars' 25 Most Shocking Moments

The truth that Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews wouldn’t be hanging hosts of Dance with the Stars in Season 29 has been that the statement noticed round the planet — a upset of this DWTS natural sequence, but it was the initial shocker to emerge from the series. 

Within the duration of its own 15-year series (and yes, you are that old) ABC’s fact dance contest continues to be the home base for lots of additional shocking minutes, from incredible castings to grisly accidents, feuds, wardrobe malfunctions, and also dreadful live confessions. On its surface, DWTS ought to be a fairly straightforward and simple show: celebrities dancing, judges estimate, audiences vote, and somebody is a winner. However, it gets more complex than this — really complex. And only thinkthe broken bones, people spats, and sip slides inside this gallery are just that which we view; the play that goes on behind the scenes ought to be next degree! 

Until this tell-all show comes outwe could ooh and ahh over all of the succulent, tawdry, and at times unhappy moments over the decades that really left us speechless. Below are the 25 most shocking moments in ballet with the Stars history. Do you recall all of them?

Dance with the Stars’ 25 Most Shocking Moments

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