Dan Schneider Controversy- During Dan Schneider’s Employment at Nickelodeon, Claims Against Him Were Made Public in 2018!

dan schneider controversy

Daniel James Schneider (born January 14, 1966) is an actor, screenwriter, and television producer from the United States. Schneider devoted himself to behind-the-scenes work in production after acting in primarily supporting roles in a variety of films and TV episodes in the 1980s and 1990s. Schneider’s Bakery, which he co-founded, produced What I Like About You for The WB, as well as The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Henry Danger Game Shakers, and The Adventures of Kid Danger for Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon announced Schneider’s departure from the company in March 2018.

Schneider revealed in a 2021 interview with The New York Times that he had written and sold a new pilot to a different network.

During Dan Schneider’s Employment at Nickelodeon, Claims Against Him Were Made Public in 2018

Reports of potentially contentious behavior on set were circulating around the time of Dan Schneider’s departure from Nickelodeon. Schneider’s rage allegedly disrupted work, production delays, soaring expenses, and “complaints of abusive behavior” against him made by his team, according to a March 2018 Deadline story on the producer’s separation from the kid-friendly TV network.

dan schneider controversy

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A section of Deadline’s report that featured the following was particularly concerning: “Schneider had been dogged by allegations of mistreatment of some of his series’ younger actors for years. The tweeted images of his young female stars’ toes are among the things that have raised eyebrows.”

Schneider was allegedly yelling and throwing tantrums, as well as sending angry emails and texts to kid performers outside of working hours, according to a ViacomCBS probe, according to a July 2021 Deadline article. He is also said to have requested shoulder and neck massages. In response to the allegations, the producer told The New York Times (via People) that he “never dealt with performers in any way that should make anyone uncomfortable, texting or otherwise.”

“I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t have the long-term friendships and continuous allegiance of so many respected individuals if I mistreated my performers of any age, especially kids,” he said, calling the foot photo scandal “stupid.” Schneider remarked that if anyone he worked with thought he was “difficult” throughout the years, it was because of his “high standards” for his job. However, the longstanding producer conceded that he could have been harsh at times. “As a producer and leader, I’ve evolved and matured over the years,” Schneider remarked. “I’m confident I’m communicating more effectively and gently today.”

Dan Schneider Was Described as “Demanding” and “Vindictive” by A Former Coworker

dan schneider controversy

In addition to the producer for the June 2021 interview, the New York Times met with persons from Dan Schneider’s past. Arthur Gradstein, a writer and producer who collaborated with Schneider on four programs, recalled the strains of their collaboration (also via People). According to Gradstein, who spoke to the newspaper, “It was exhilarating to be around [Schneider’s] creativity and desire for generating entertainment because he could be generous and affirming. However, he was unreasonable demanding, domineering, demeaning, and vengeful, with a blatant disdain for workplace limits.”

Gradstein is one of many persons who has spoken out about Schneider and the charges against him. Several unnamed sources also talked to the New York Times, confirming prior stories of Schneider’s alleged abuse. Fans previously accumulated examples of feet appearing on a Schneider-produced show for strange reasons in an attempt to draw attention to a probable link between Schneider and charges of inappropriate behavior involving kid performers (via Nicki Swift).

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While Schneider did not specifically reference the charges in his interview with the New York Times in 2021, he did suggest that his 2018 exit from Nickelodeon was due to issues he had long overlooked. He added, “I took a pause to take care of a lot of issues that I’d put off for decades.”

Personal Life

Schneider married Lisa Lillien, a food blogger, in 2002. In the 1990s, they met at Nickelodeon. Schneider and his wife bought a $9 million property from heiress Lori Milgard in Hidden Hills, California, in 2016.

dan schneider controversy

Schneider, who had been particularly obese for several years before leaving Nickelodeon, claimed in 2021 that he had dropped over 100 pounds.

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