Damian Lewis would refuse James Bond function

Damian Lewis would reject James Bond role

Damian Lewis will turn into the role of James Bond when he was given it.

Damian Lewis

The’Billions’ celebrity – with two kids with wife Helen McCrory – has been connected with the use of the suave spy however he also insisted it’s not a part he will be eager to take.

He explained:”I really don’t need to play Bond. I am ambitious for various items. I really don’t understand who they will select — he will be excellent, or she is going to be fantastic. However, I do not need to play with Bond — even when I had been asked!”

The 49-year old celebrity insisted he’s much less”alpha male” compared to a lot of the characters he’s famous for, for example conflicted soldier Brody at’Homeland’ or gangster Bobby Axelrod at’Billions’.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper:”It gets all I have done seem unbelievably old-fashioned, does not it? There is nothing macho about me whatsoever.

“[It’s more that] I appeared to get a look that appropriate blue-collar Americans — paradoxically since I am not even a blue-collar Brit. So I have had this strange kind of duality within my profession, but I believe I am much less alpha man than some of those roles that I play.”

‘Billions’ established in 2016 along with the British celebrity thinks it required the election Donald Trump to”sharpen” the series – that also stars Paul Giamatti as attorney and’Axe”therefore nemesis Chuck Rhoades – to where it’s now.

He explained:”It has had an intriguing journey concerning its cultural effect.

“I presume that the very first season was just two alpha titans on earth of law enforcement and the area of fund shifting their willies in one another, frankly. And Trump came , and he kind of sharpened the ethnic commentary of this series.

“This is by far the most Trumpian series on TV. It is therefore reflective of a specific milieu, of high-achieving aggressive guys who push our own lives using their immense riches and their political ability — and occasionally their petty rivalries”.

And Damian does not find enjoying the billionaire businessman especially enjoyable.

He explained:”I really do find him a little wearing after a little while, to be truthful with you. That planet is a depressingly suspicious one.

“There is a slightly worrying trend in the States to back the winner, and also to adore the winner, and also never to ask a lot of questions about the way he won. That is the way Trump got to the White House.”

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