Are You Sure Damar Hamlin Is Still Alive? If Yes, Is He Able to Play Again?

damar hamlin still alive

American football safety Damar Romeyelle Hamlin, 24, was born on March 24, 1998, and plays for the National Football League’s Buffalo Bills. He attended the University of Pittsburgh where he played collegiate football before being taken by the Buffalo Bills in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Early Life

damar hamlin still alive

In McKees Rocks, a western Pennsylvania city in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, Hamlin spent his formative years participating in both basketball and football games. In high school, he established himself by guiding his squad to a 15-1 record, a WPIAL Class AAAA championship, and a PIAA state championship in his senior season. Hamlin was sought after by numerous Division 1 football colleges after being named the top defensive player in Pennsylvania by recruitment websites Rivals and 247Sports.

Hamlin, though, told the Point Park Globe in 2021 that choosing to remain close to home was an easy one.

“My state was purely Pittsburgh. For me, it was all Pittsburgh “says he. “I wanted to provide something to my community, give my city bragging rights, and just give the city another cause to grin,” the author said. The entire sports world pays Damar Hamlin tribute.

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damar hamlin still alive

Due to injuries, Hamlin’s junior season was his first full season of collegiate football; yet, according to The Athletic, he went on to start 36 of his final 38 games. He was selected for the All-ACC second team and the Reese’s Senior Bowl all-star game in his last season, and he was also picked captain by his teammates.

He announced his intent to enter the 2021 NFL Draft, and the Buffalo Bills selected him in the sixth round. Taking up a leadership role on the squad Hamlin had a limited role as a rookie in his first professional season but assumed the starting safety position in September after his colleague Micah Hyde had a neck injury.

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Damar Hamlin Suffered Cardiac Arrest on Field

damar hamlin still alive

A game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday ended in a breakdown for the 24-year-old NFL safety. He was still in critical condition on Thursday in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s intensive care unit, according to Dr. Timothy Pritts of UC Health, but his treatment had reached “a turning point.”

During a Thursday status report on the Buffalo Bills player’s condition, a physician from the University of Cincinnati Health revealed that Damar Hamlin is starting to awaken and has been able to write to the medical staff.

“After what transpired on the field, we are really concerned about him. He is moving forward significantly “Pritts stated.

The Buffalo Bills stated earlier on Thursday that Hamlin looks to be “neurologically intact,” and doctors concurred in their afternoon evaluation. The player has “made amazing improvement over the past 24 hours,” according to the team.

Dorrian Glenn, Hamlin’s uncle, told reporters outside the University of Cincinnati Medical Center on Tuesday night that his nephew’s heart had stopped twice—once on the field and once inside the hospital. Charlie De Mar of CBS Chicago confirmed this. Glenn added that Hamlin can’t breathe on his own due to a lung injury. He stated that the player was previously receiving 100% oxygen through a ventilator, but that now only received 50%.

The Bills stated that “his lungs continue to mend and he is making steady improvement.” Thursday

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Doctors and Family Statements

damar hamlin still alive

The rare condition known as “commotio cordis,” which is heart arrhythmia that happens when someone takes a direct hit to the chest, may have affected Hamlin, according to CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus. Doctors said Thursday that it is still too early to determine whether or not Hamlin experienced “commotio cordis,” as many have speculated.

According to Agus, around 30 cases of commotio cordis are reported annually in the United States, including among Little League players who are struck in the chest by a ball.

Agus called the condition “a confusion of the heart,” in which the heart muscle pumps erratically. He claimed that the energy of the blow interferes with the electrical signals in the heart, leading to a new beat known as ventricular fibrillation, which is a quick, erratic heartbeat that does not pump blood into the brain. Agus claimed that the heart needed to be shocked back into a normal rhythm when that occurs.

In order to employ defibrillators to shock the best heart back into a regular beat, he remarked, “that is why they are on the sidelines of sports.”Every minute that blood flow is cut off to the brain, according to Agus, ups the risk of serious repercussions, including death.”The earlier you do it, the better,” he stated. “Every minute you wait is virtually a 10% increase in the likelihood of mortality.” If Hamlin’s heart-stopping caused any damage to his brain, it has to be seen. Agus claimed that the likelihood of his swift recovery increased with the speed at which they were able to restart his heart.

The player’s uncle, Glenn, said: “People who don’t even know us are offering love and support and we’re really glad for that.” “He is undoubtedly recovering, so I know those prayers are being heard. God has a purpose for him, which explains why he is still alive.”

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