Da Brat’s 48-Year-Old Pregnancy: I Thought It Wasn’t in the Cards for Me!

Da Brat's 48-Year-Old Pregnancy: I Thought It Wasn't in the Cards for Me!

This spoiled brat can’t wait to show off his baby bump.

People magazine has an exclusive interview with the “Funkdafied” rapper and his wife, Jessica “Judy” Harris-Dupart, who is expecting their first child.

At 48 years old, “there’s a lot of information we learned about women beyond the age of 40,” Da Brat recalls, reflecting on their experience.

The two exchanged “I do” on February 2 of last year, marking the beginning of their journey toward parenthood. The 41-year-old Harris-Dupart is the CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, and she just began promoting a new line of hair care products based on Da Brat’s signature braids and protective hairstyles.

Da Brat's 48-Year-Old Pregnancy: I Thought It Wasn't in the Cards for Me!

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Their partnership’s catchphrase, “We’re extending our family!” was initially intended as a joke, she explains. “A massive response, however, followed. There was an overwhelming sense of “Oh my God, do we genuinely want to have kids, and if we do, girl, we better hurry up!”

Harris-Dupart has three children from a previous relationship. Kids were never truly in Da Brat’s plans. “I never believed I was going to have kids,” she admits. “I just didn’t think it was going to happen for me. I’ve accomplished so much and had a rich life. Not being able to conceive sooner made me think it was never going to happen.”

Nevertheless, that changed when she met Harris-Dupart and fell in love with him. Da Brat claims, “I started seeing life in a completely different light.” “A part of me wanted to be a part of you. A unique creation from each of us that we can bring up and cherish equally.”

Yet she still wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of being pregnant. Not a peep was coming out of me, I thought. She changed her mind after hearing Harris-argument. Dupart’s “We had a little tug of war in the beginning, but I felt like she should have the experience,” her wife recalls. To care for others as she does is second nature to her.

As Harris-Dupart had serious health problems after her egg retrieval operation, the decision to have Da Brat carry the baby was the best option. But, the rapper had to overcome her own challenging health challenges, including surgery to remove fibroids and polyps in advance of the embryo transfer operation.

Then the devastating miscarriage happened. I’ve never been this psyched about something I didn’t know I wanted before, admits Da Brat. I was completely enamored with the concept until it was taken away from me.

Da Brat's 48-Year-Old Pregnancy: I Thought It Wasn't in the Cards for Me!

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She comments, “Thank goodness, we still had a good number of her eggs.” The couple is now 18 weeks along after selecting a donor from their cryo bank who was characterized as “an ambitious entrepreneur.” Da Brat is firmly in the throes of her second trimester of pregnancy and she says, “In a word, it’s a boon. Excited, here!” Like you, she’s worn out. “She continues, “I don’t have any cravings or nausea, but I’m usually sleepy. The thought of it is absolutely insane.”

Da Brat is also surprised by another element of pregnancy: “I can’t take anything in life without shedding a tear. I’ll probably cry if someone actually wins American Idol. I mean, come on, I can take it!”

She laughs as she considers the reaction her harsh hip-hop character would get to the happy news of her pregnancy and the subsequent unveiling of her baby bulge. However, she decided to embrace the contrast by having a gangster-themed pregnancy photoshoot. She gushes, “I loved it” (I adored it).

And she’s not slowing down any time soon: in addition to working on new music and co-hosting The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and Dish Nation, the rapper now stars on the WE TV reality program Brat Loves Judy with her wife. Now available at Walmart and other major retailers, the Da Brat x Kaleidoscope brand of hair care products will be the focus of the upcoming third season, which will document the couple’s up-and-down path to parenthood and business cooperation.

Harris-Dupart says of her wife’s legendary hair as inspiration for their new line of hair care products, “I felt like she always supports me on anything I do, so I wanted to make something with her.” The range features moisturizing rinses, gels, sprays, and mousses. As someone who has observed her for a very long time, I can confidently say, “She is the queen of protective styles.”

Although Da Brat has kept her personal life under wraps for quite some time, her distinctive style and talent have been on the full show since the 1990s. The artist, who came out as lesbian in 2020, is happy with how her life has turned out. To be a member of the LGBTQ community in the open is “much different now than it was before,” she says. As I came out, I thought, “Man, if I knew it was going to be this beautiful and loving I’d probably have come out a long time ago!”

She credits Harris-Dupart for her courage and adds, “[I came out] because she inspired me” to “scream it from the mountaintops” that she has found “someone that she is fully in love with and she doesn’t want to hide it anymore.”

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