Czech Republic crowned EURO 2020 Champion

EURO 2020
EURO 2020

Exciting news from UEFA EURO 2020 prediction games where a Super computer predicts Czech Republic as Champion of the tournament.

Czech Republic has certainly been crowned Champion of the postponed UEFA EURO 2020 tournament by a super computer simulation.

Moreover, the simulation predicted that Czech Republic will defeat Denmark by 3-2 in the Final game of the tournament.

How has the Super computer predicts Czech Republic as Champions  

The creators of the simulation, Sportradar- the Sports data and analytics company made big predictions using their super computer programming.

The scientists claims that the simulation has certainly been successful after pouring in 20 years of data; about players and their records in Tournaments.  

Although Czech Republic has lifted the trophy in their history; but they will certainly not expect to achieve such big success. Czech Republic ranks 40th on FIFA Nation’s ranking, while Denmark ranks 10th on the list.

The creators made sure that their computer can run through millions of datas and analysis before making the prediction.

What else the Super Computer predict about big Nations

The super-computer simulation also claimed that Portugal and England will see an exit from the Semi Finals. Portugal, the title defenders will definitely like not to believe in such claims.

The simulation also predicts about other big teams. France, Italy and German will lose in Round of 16.

Top football pundits will definitely take a good dig about the predictions. But the creators or the scientists claim that this is certainly a success. They computed millions of algorithms to make an Artificial Intelligence to work with possibilities.

Portugal v France - UEFA Euro 2016 - Final - Stade de France

Well in football, anything is possible.

History of super-computing analytics in Football

Few months back, a super computer simulation summarized that Lionel Messi is certainly a better player than Cristiano Ronaldo.

The computer simulated millions of data regarding the playing conditions, fitness, agility, stamina and many more.

Football seems to make a progess in the field of technology as well. Scientists has focused to develop a analysis program which can take quick decisions computing millions of possibilities in seconds.

The use of technology has significantly changed the football universe. Right from the fitness tracker to making deep field analysis, technology has sought to improve football in coming years.