CytoSorbents’ EBP apparatus wins crisis OK to treat COVID-19 sufferers (NASDAQ:CTSO)

The Food and Drug Administration says that it allowed Emergency Use Authorization for CytoSorbent’s (NASDAQ:CTSO) CytoSorb apparatus to take care of patients with verified Covid-19 admitted to the ICU with verified or impending respiratory failure.

According to seat performance testing and documented clinical expertise, the FDA concludes the CytoSorb apparatus – also known as an Extracorporeal Blood Purification apparatus – could be good at treating certain patients with supported Covid-19 by eliminating various pro-inflammatory cytokines in their own blood.

The FDA considers the elimination of pro-inflammatory cytokines may ameliorate cytokine storm because of the overabundance of pro-inflammatory cytokines and therefore offer clinical benefit.

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