Cynthia Bailey’Was not Happy’ Concerning Gizelle Bryant’s Opinions On Her marriage, Karen Huger Claims

Cynthia Bailey’Was not Happy’ Around Gizelle Bryant’s Opinions On Her wedding, Karen Huger Claims

Karen Huger is showing just how Cynthia Bailey reportedly actually felt about remarks Gizelle Bryant created her marriage.

Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant are just two of those 250 guests that attended Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill’s wedding.   Even though”The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star said she and her now husband had been deliberate about making sure that everything was COVID-safe and safe for their own guests, Gizelle Bryant afterwards explained she left because she believed”very worried” as guests began taking their masks off. She said she went to see her ex-husband Jamal Bryant, who she has recently return with, following the marriage.

Currently, Karen Huger has stated that Cynthia Bailey was angry about the remarks Gizelle Bryant made.

She advised YouTuber DJ Richie Skye:

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“The degree of devotion [Cynthia Bailey] required our security…we had been prescreened prior to the marriage. We’d protects, we’d masks, we’d both. And I thank you with this query because what was disheartening to me personally when Gizelle chose to’See What Happens Live’ and stated she felt dangerous.” 

She added that she spoke to Cynthia Bailey, also pointed out that nobody from the marriage has tested positive for COVID-19.

“I only talked to my buddy Cynthia Bailey no longer than four weeks ago and the reports were nearly four months out. Not 1 man out of her marriage evaluation positive using Covid, ok? I felt like thank God, that is a boon, that is a dedication to that which Mike and Cynthia…the campaign they set forward. And they advised folks please do not come. You do not need to come. So here is my point, the men and women who showed up, we genuinely adore these individuals. We genuinely adore this bunch.”

Cynthia Bailey, Mike Hill

She lasted:

“I really do query Gizelle’s motives today. Why was she really there? So I moved a little farther with Cynthia Bailey and also…Cynthia had been, naturally, not pleased about the remarks Gizelle had created. However she shared something that I find striking since when Gizelle was ‘Watch What Happens Live,”’ Andy Cohen requested her…she stated,’I abandoned since I did not feel secure. ”’

Jamal Bryant, Gizelle Bryant

She included:

“And Andy said,’Oh you are going back into the resort and…’ And she says,’Yeah, I needed to return to my resort’ And he also said,’Oh to be using Jamal?’ And she said,’Uh, supposedly.’ And how Andy goes something like,’Oh my God, why would it need to be supposedly? Y’are increased.’ And she says’Ok, Andy, fine Andy, I am going straight back to the resort to become with Jamal.’ That was a lie because, to tell the truth, Cynthia Bailey received a telephone call from Gizelle three times before the marriage. And she shared the Jamal wasn’t likely to be in presence.”

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