Currently, Chris Evans Is “Laser-Focused On Finding A Partner”: To Spend Life With, “It’s About Trying To Find Someone!”

Currently, Chris Evans Is "Laser-Focused On Finding A Partner": To Spend Life With, "It's About Trying To Find Someone!"

Attempting to find his soul partner. Chris Evans stated that he is searching for The One with great intensity.

Evans, 41, who plays an assassin who is fixated on finding his target (Ryan Gosling) in Netflix’s The Gray Man, was questioned about if he had ever been that obsessive about a search in his own life.

The Boston native assured Shondaland in an interview published on Friday, July 15, “I’m going to give you a decent response.” “Perhaps [I’m] laser-focused on finding a mate, you know, someone that you want to live with,” is the response.

The former Captain America revealed that while he is extremely enthusiastic about acting, finding love can be difficult to balance with his career.

“Look, I really enjoy what I do. I give it my best, and it’s fantastic. But in terms of actually trying to find someone who you really can pour all of yourself into, even this sector is full of areas of uncertainty, reluctance, and recalibration, he said. “Perhaps it has to do with hoping to meet the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Yes, perhaps that is the cause.

Currently, Chris Evans Is "Laser-Focused On Finding A Partner": To Spend Life With, "It's About Trying To Find Someone!"

Evans’ earlier relationships with Jessica Biel and Minka Kelly have been rumoured, and his most recent open relationship was with Jenny Slate. The two became friends while portraying love interests in the 2017 movie Gifted, and their chemistry flourished off-screen as well. Once they split up, they got back together in November 2017 before calling it quits in March 2018.

Chris has no negative feelings against Jenny Slate, according to a source who spoke exclusively to Us Weekly in January 2020. He is delighted for her.

After his prominent romance, the insider continued, Evans wants to “be more discreet with his personal life.”

The 40-year-old Slate is known for being open and gushed about Evans even after they broke up.

Not only are we both from Massachusetts, which was wonderful, but Chris is also genuinely one of the most nicest guys I’ve ever met. In fact, sometimes I would look at him and it would almost make me cry.

In an interview with Vulture in April 2018, Slate said, “He’s incredibly straightforward and he’s really vulnerable. He reminds me of primary colours. He experiences stunning, significant, powerful emotions that he is utterly certain of. Simply delightful to be around. If you could paint it, the colour of his heart would probably be golden.

Currently, Chris Evans Is "Laser-Focused On Finding A Partner": To Spend Life With, "It's About Trying To Find Someone!"

In December 2021, the same month they welcomed their first daughter, the Marcel the Shell actress wed artist Ben Shattuck. Evans, on the other hand, has persisted in his resolve to keep his love life a secret. After the two were seen cuddling on two separate occasions in July 2020, he was supposed to be dating Lily James, but the stars never confirmed the rumours.

The Knives Out star has been extremely open about wanting to settle down with a spouse and have children, despite the fact that his relationships are kept under wraps.

“I want kids so badly. Yes, I do,” he stated in November 2019 to Men’s Journal. “I enjoy fairly ordinary, domestic stuff. I desire a wife and children. I enjoy ceremonies. I want to decorate Christmas trees, carve pumpkins, and do other such things.

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