Cuba Gooding Jr. wears’Dark Lives Issue’ mask to courtroom

Cuba Gooding Jr. wears 'Black Lives Matter' mask to court

NEW YORK — Sporting a”Black Lives Issue” facial mask, Cuba Gooding Jr. showed up in a nyc courtroom on Thursday to listen to attorneys claim over what restrictions to put on testimony in his sexual misconduct trial.

The Oscar-winning”Jerry Maguire” celebrity Gooding wore the mask backward to the proceedings before dispersing the aisle on the interior reporters as he left.

The state court hearing centred on behavioral problems over exactly how much the defence is going to be permitted to delve into the lives of 3 girls that have accused Gooding of groping them in Manhattan pubs in 2018 and 2019. Judge Curtis Farber put some constraints in the request of prosecutors but also signaled other disputes would need to be settled because the situation unfolds at trial expected later this season.

The judge held the hearing courthouse surgeries nevertheless triggered from the coronavirus pandemic, forcing Gooding, attorneys and other participants to put on masks. Gooding was advised to go on trial in April, however, it had been set off as illnesses jumped in New York.

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“This situation will be attempted in 1 afternoon,” Gooding attorney Mark Heller said . He added that a jury could see videos which”unequivocally will demonstrate that Cuba committed zero offense ”

Gooding, 52, has pleaded not guilty to six misdemeanour counts of forcible touching and sexual abuse. He faces up to a year behind bars if convicted.

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