Crunchyroll Acquires Funimation – The Beginning of New Era for Anime Streaming Services

Crunchyroll Aquires Funimation
Crunchyroll Aquires Funimation

One of the biggest giants of online Anime streaming, Crunchyroll has now acquired Funimation which was its direct competitor in the same field. Crunchyroll and Funimation have been dominating this industry for quite a while now. This announcement has come as a shock to many.

Many are considering this as a positive move since all of the anime content will be centralized and it will be more accessible to the users. However, some believe that the dub aspect of Funimation may diminish soon since Crunchyroll primarily focuses on the sub-content. Let’s discuss what will be the effects of Crunchyroll acquiring Funimation.

Crunchyroll Aquires Funimation

Crunchyroll Acquires Funimation – Positive Things

One of the biggest positive outcomes of this situation will be that fans will not need to subscribe to different streaming platforms to watch the anime. They can access a single source which is Crunchyroll and it will fulfill all of their needs.

With the introduction of Funimation into Crunchyroll, viewers will now be able to stream the content in the English dub as well. Many nonnative speakers of the language prefer dub over the sub. And it will give a great boost to the overall platform as well.

Since fans will now be able to access more content, Crunchyroll will make a rise in terms of its number of users as well. It is surely a good step considering the rising popularity of anime and pirating-related issues. Hopefully, this new acquisition will make anime even more accessible in the west.

Crunchyroll Aquires Funimation

Why Did Funimation Sold Itself?

We haven’t heard any official news yet but from the speculations, we can conclude that Funimation wasn’t able to target their audience. Needless to say, Crunchyroll has dominated this industry. It releases most of the anime as soon as they arrive on TV. This is where Funimation lags as they primarily focus on the dubbed content.

It takes time for the dub to get produced and in that time, viewers would’ve already watched the anime. This could be the reason why Funimation has decided to get sold and let Crunchyroll run the things. We will still have to wait and see if this move was correct or something that was never going to succeed.

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