Disney’s Cruella ending explained – Will there be a Sequel?

Disney's Cruella ending explained – Will there be a Sequel?
Disney's Cruella ending explained – Will there be a Sequel?

Is Cruella as cruel as how media depicts her to be? Guess we will never find out since the producers decided to leave an open-ended conclusion to this Disney’s latest addition “Cruella”. Cruella is what Estella aspires to become. Even though her mother had different notions about it, but still she can’t possibly live with the identity of Estella. Born with half black and half white hair, Estella was always the target of ridicule by her classmates growing up.

Her mother Catherine tried imbuing some patience and manners into her daughter, but it never worked out. In the end, Estella ended up taking the identity of Cruella and waved a final goodbye to her original self in rather an unusual way. So how did the tale of Cruella came to conclusion? Let’s find out in this Cruella ending explained!

Disney’s Cruella ending explained – Will there be a Sequel?

Cruella Story – What’s In It?

After her mother Catherine is pushed off the cliff by Baroness’ Dalmatians, Estella leaves the vicinity along with her dog Buddy and finds two friends Horace and Jasper, and their dog Wink. Estella loves fashion and aspires to become a fashion designer. Her days pass while trying to rob people along with her newly found friends and she enters adulthood.

An opportunity comes knocking on her door when she gets appointed as a designer at Baroness’ house. Working there she comes across some shocking revelations and completes her revenge by sacrificing her original self “Estella”.

Did Baroness Kill Catherine?

When Estella spotted Baroness commanding Dalmatians, she came to realize that it was Baroness who ordered the dogs to push Catherine off the cliff.

Furthermore, she finds the necklace of her mother on Baroness’ neck which was enough hint to conclude. So yes it was indeed Baroness who ordered the killing of Catherine. But the question is why did she?

What Was in the Necklace?

After Baroness found out Estella is Cruella who has been putting strain on her dignity in her balls, she decides to take care of her. Baroness stages the death of Estella and poses her friends Jasper and Horace as a killer. Unbeknownst to her, she survives because of Valet John. He hands over her mother’s necklace which contains the key to a box.

On the inside of the box, she finds her birth certificate and John reveals she’s the biological daughter of Baroness. Since Baroness didn’t want any kid, she ordered John to kill her, however, he handed her over to Catherine to raise her. Now we possibly understand where Estella gets her Cruella personality from.

Why Did Baroness Kill Catherine?

One speculation is that Baroness killed Catherine because she found out she was raising her biological daughter. However, when Estella asks her about Catherine, she dismisses the notion and tells she can’t remember. After all, she has killed many people.

How Did Estella Get Her Revenge?

How Did Estella Get Her Revenge?

Baroness thought Estella died and her plan succeeded. But to her surprise, she returns to the Ball and tells her that she’s her daughter. Knowing that there are people around her watching, she gets lovey-dovey and pretends to hug her.

However, when she gets close, Baroness pushes Estella off the cliff. Luckily, everyone witnessed this scene and when the police arrive, they apprehended Baroness.

Is Estella Dead?

Yes and no. Estella part of her personality died and now she is living as Cruella. She knew Baroness would pull off something like this and hence came with a parachute on her back. She survived the fall however announced that Estella was dead.

In the public eye, the young, upcoming prodigy in a fashion known as Estella is dead. But Cruella is still alive and breathing. Estella finally embraced the true part of her personality and said hasta la vista to her original self.

There was a mid-credit scene in the ending that hinted at the possibility of a sequel. Do you think we will get it? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. For more movie reviews and updates, follow us on social media.

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