Creator and guitarist with Aussie music mythical band Skyhooks expires in’dumb’ injury

Founder and guitarist with Aussie music legendary band Skyhooks dies in ‘stupid’ accident

A founding member of one of Australia’s most significant bands of their 70s and 80s ) Skyhooks has expired after an crash.

Peter Starkie, the brother of guitarist and fellow former Skyhooks manhood Bob Starkie, expired elderly 72 after dropping off a ladder Sunday.

Bob submitted a touching tribute to the brother about the Skyhooks’ Facebook webpage and the way he”tragically expired in a few of these dumb ladder mishaps”.

Skyhooks was among Australia’s most significant bands round the world 70s and 80therefore using a series of shirt 10 hits such as Horror Movie, Ego isn’t A Dirty Word, My Friends Are Getting Married and Women In Uniform.

Camera IconPeter Starkie, underside, in a glimpse of the first ring posted about the Skyhooks’ Facebook page. Charge: Facebook

In 1990 they had their last big strike when Jukebox In Siberia topped the only graphs.

They had four leading 10 records such as Living In The Seventies and Ego isn’t A DirtyWWWord that reached number one.

They’ve seldom performed as team because their lead singer Graeme’Shirley’ Strachan perished in a helicopter accident in Mt Archer at 2001.

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Peter Starkie has been a founding associate of group 1973 and guitarist and songwriter Greg Macainsh along with drummer Freddie Strauks.

The finest known Skyhooks penis was Red Symons who donned outfits and make-up and proceeded to turn into a breakfast announcer at Melbourne and has been a permanent member on Red Dentistry Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Camera IconAustralian group Skyhooks in ancient 1975. Red Symons in among the garish outfits (appropriate ). Charge: Supplied, Released by Bob Starkie

“Quite miserable to provide the information my brother Peter has died in one of these dumb ladder mishaps,” Bob composed.

“Peter George Starkie was created in Sydney at 1948that he had been just 72 if he took the plunge and had sufficient life before him.

“If Greg Macainsh was inventing his thought for Skyhooks, it was Dave Flett who advocated Peter because guitarist. So combined with Peter Inglis, Steve Hill, Freddie Strauks along with Greg Thus was born The Skyhooks initial line-up.”

Bob explained that with his brother turned into a fantastic guitarist that he had been somebody”he appeared to”.

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He stated Peter was struck by three brothers, a step daughter, and it has lived inseparably for over 20 years along with his spouse Dianna.

“Quite frankly this is simply a f***ing disaster particularly for Dianna along with the women. (and in lockdown! ) ) ,” Bob wrote.

“So all and one, as my mom will say’count on your Blessings’.”

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