Is Covid-19 likely to be a medical emergency for 2 years?

covid-19 medical emergency

I really don’t think we beat it. Nonetheless, it seems to me like something has to go perfect for us to live without.

What I Believe I understand:

May travel at least 4.5 meters from the carrier

Remains contagious for 30 minutes

Cannot be halted by standard surgical masks

No obvious evidence of interval of immunity and recorded short term reinfection

The virus will mutate multiple times in any reasonable time to eradicate it, and unlikely any resistance will bridge viral strains

Flattening the curve extends that interval

A vaccine will be supporting the breed mutations, exactly like the flu.

Might not even be transmittable, meaning hand washing and signature discipline are not able to decrease the extremely large transmission rate.

Even if 100 countries concurrently eliminate the virus through extreme measures, there will still be pockets outside their boundaries from which virus will reenter whenever social action is restarted.

A “treatment” is not coming. Researchers have been chasing a “cure for the frequent cold” – caused by Corona Viruses – to years. If Corona Viruses had a weakness we would have found it.

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Just how do you kill something? The real hope is that the assumptions above are wrong in just the correct way. If the virus mutates slowly AND immunity lasts quite a very long time we may be able to wait for it to blow over. We can all get it at once without overwhelming the 19, Perhaps when the population expires. The terror is sufficient through that smothers it with herd 18, to receive a vaccination effort.

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