Cops Arrest Man They Say Violently Attacked Actor Rick Moranis At NYC!

At least that identification and hunt part is seemingly performed, if just so justice will be served within this tragic, violent situation…

The guy who supposedly attacked Honey, I Shrunk The Kids celebrity Rick Moranis was detained on Saturday afternoon at new york, according to a release from law enforcement officers later in the day following the arrest has been made.

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The guy was identified as Marquis Ventura, a 35-year-old Yorker. He had been detained by transit officials at roughly 3:30 p.m. local time at town. The cops reportedly comprehended Ventura’s encounter from desired pictures and movie which was introduced to the public following the eccentric and barbarous October 1 assault at the Central Park West region.

Ventura was arrested without incident. He was finally charged with second-degree attack, and was waiting arraignment from NYC courtroom to maneuver his procedure combined there.

As you will remember from our previous coverage on the strike , Moranis was outside walking south on Central Park West near West 70F Street in about seven:30 a.m. every time a guy dressed in a shameful’that I Love New York’ hoodie using a backpack slung on his shoulder — and seemingly randomly — assaulted him. Moranis was hit in the head with a closed fist from the prince, with not suspected something thinking about the apparent random nature of this circumstance.

Instantly, the star moved to a local hospital to be treated for pain, then moved on to the authorities in the 20th Precinct station house on the Upper West Side to report that the offense . Instantly from that point, the NYPD published video clips and screenshots demonstrating the defendant’s face right after the assault, asking people for help in identifying the guy, who supposedly has been turned out to become Ventura.

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Notoriously non invasive and siphoned off from star in his job, Moranis allegedly told police that he only wanted the entire matter to be finished as it ran its course through the courts. We are going to keep you abreast of some important updates between Ventura’s court situation and all of that out of here. For the time being, well, at least the cops seemingly have captured the perpetrator, if just so he might not supposedly randomly sucker punch anyone else walking across the road in town.

Scary, scary stuff. Reactions, Perezcious subscribers? Sound off on the Entire thing with your view, down from the remarks (below)…

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN]

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