Copa America 2021 on verge of getting cancelled


Big news from South America as Copa America facing huge resistance from local government in Brazil due to the recent surge of Covid-19 cases.

Copa America, the 2nd most popular football competition in South America after CONMEBOL Libertadores.

In this years’ Copa America campaign, 10 teams are set to participate for the 47th Edition of the tournament. But the organizers facing a lot of difficulties to make the competition happen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Copa America shifted from Argentina to Brazil

The South American football Gala event was certainly supposed to be held at Argentina and Colombia in a joint host venture. But rising disputes in Colombia made Argentina to hold the entire tournament.

 Copa America
Copa America facing huge resistance from local government in Brazil due to recent surge of Covid-19 cases

But the rising covid-19 cases in Argentina made the competition shift to Brazil at the last moment. The tournament brings big revenue for the hosts.

But the local governments started protesting against the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for letting the football tournament take place while common citizens continue to die.

Brazil players might withdraw from Competition

After the CONMEBOL finalized the decision of hosting Copa America in Brazil, people started to raise voice against the decision.

“Cova America” started to trend on social media, which means “Grave America” in Portuguese. People also started saying “Championship of Death”.

Several Brazilian stars might not take the field in the competition to protest against the mismanagement of Covid-19 situation. At present, Brazil still has more than 1 million reported active cases. They rank 3rd on World Covid meter after USA and India.

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