Cop Involved in Breonna Taylor Taking Sued For Sexual Assault!!

The single cop to face fees at the nighttime of Breonna Taylor’s shooting has been sued by a female for sexual attack.

A girl is claiming that the former Lousiville police officer Brett Hankison sexually attacked her 2018 while she had been drunk after giving her a ride home in a pub where he had been also employed as a safety guard.

“Brett Hankison is a 44-year old sexual predator. For decades, he’s employed his police uniform and secondary nighttime club job as mechanics to prey on innocent girls who are just two years younger than him” the suit filed by Margo Bordersa law school student, reads.

She met Hankison at 2017 through mutual friends. She states that he offered to provide her a ride home. When she came, he encouraged himself in to her house and helped herself to her sofa. She subsequently went to shift to go to bed… and it was that the attack happened.

“Margo abandoned Hankison on the sofa and proceeded into her room to change. She had had lots to drink and proceeded to sleep instead of returning into the living space,” the suit stated. “While Margo had been still unconscious, Hankison went to her chamber, stripped off his clothing willfully, intentionally, painfully and sexually attacked Margo.”

The following daythat he messaged her attempting to play off it as if they had real sex. She was too scared to report him into the authorities. She publicly accused him June through a Facebook post.

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