Confessions of a’cat father’, and it’s such a turn-off

Confessions of a 'cat daddy', and why it's such a turn-off

What’s it all about my double ragamuffin cats which demonstrates such a turn-off for its opposite gender? That is exactly what I wondered , since I read the curious consequences of a research by Boise State University, at Idaho, in which investigators presented about 1,400 girls with photos of two guys in their first 20s – a ripping a cat, another not.

The girls were then asked how they’d feel about the possibility of a casual date or long-term connection with every one of those guys. The chaps revealed with cats were less inclined to provoke amorous interest since they were viewed as”less manly, more insecure, and not as datable”, the professors said.

“I always made sure to utilize a minumum of one picture of Bells and Archie in my own profile. “Charge:John Shakespeare

The results came as a surprise to both direct writer Shelly Volsche, who’d assumed that the cats could make the guys seem”reliable, tender and affectionate”. However, I was shocked. As soon as I embraced Bells along with Archie in my middle -20therefore, I had been warned that my feline friends may have a ruinous impact on my life.

Cat-owners are considered to be introverts who would rather spend some time alone, I had been advised, whereas dog-owners have been viewed as social and outdoorsy. (Since it happens – I am an outgoing extrovert who is adored cats since childhood, therefore I do not match this dichotomy.) And yet for some reason I don’t know, cats have been connected with femininity whereas puppies have been viewed as manly – so it’s easy to know why, in these enlightened times, most straight guys think they have to steer clear of cats such as the plague when they are supposed to obtain a spouse.