Commonly used memes!

This is an era defined by memes, and they are in practice as old as humanity, but the internet made them popular. Whether repurposed from movie screengrabs, YouTube videos, or catchphrases, these memes shape how we criticize, consume, and communicate through cultural touchstones. There are lots of memes available on the internet.

List of few best memes –

American Chopper Argument – This is about the Teutul family, and they are a tough bunch of guys who built neat bikes. This heated scene from the said show in which Paul Teutul Jr. and Paul Teutul Sr. argue with chairs and words is back from the dead as a template for staging new arguments.

Trollface – is a rage comic meme image of a character wearing a mischievous smile. This is used as an internet troll and internet trolling and is one of the most commonly used rage comic faces and the oldest one.

Keep Calm and Carry On – was a motivational poster made by the British Government to prepare for World War II in 1939. To raise the morale of the British public, the poster was made. There was a mass air attack on major cities. 2.45 million copies were printed but rarely distributed in public. In 2000 one copy was found at Barter Books, a bookshop in Alnwick, and it became very popular since then.

Old Town Road meme – Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road, a country-inflected rap song, is a very hit song in America. It became a hit in Tik Tok in 2018 and early 2019. Across different age groups like the song. Lil Nas X and this meme will stay true to the song’s message by riding until they can no more.

Scumbag Steve – This is an internet meme that became popular in 2006. It started with a picture of 16-year-old Blake Boston wearing a backward fitted cap and a winter coat with a fake fur collar. 

Distracted Boyfriend – This is a meme based on 2015 stock photography by Antonio Guillem (Spanish photographer). At the start of 2017, social media users started using this image as a meme, and in August 2017, it went viral to depict different forms of infidelity.


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