Common Replies To Jaguar Wright: Who Was Disappointed & Hurt!!

Frequent has reacted to Philly singer Jaguar Wright’s allegations of sexual attack — seeming to deny the promises.

The rapper/ actor sat down for a meeting with Philadelphia’s Rise and Publish Morning Show, in which he broke his silence on the issue.

“God bless, Jaguar. I truly don’t have some negative thoughts . I had been for certainly frustrated and hurt if she explained what she said on me since it was not correct. I understand people who’ve undergone sexual intercourse and that is nothing to simply say if it isn’t correct. However, I also know that she might be going through a few things which I do not know,” he explained.

“In all reality, I moved through different emotions. ) I am like, oh man, why’s she saying that? This isn’t correct. What is this gon’ affect me personally?” 

straight back, Jaguar maintained Frequent attempted to place his genitals inside her mouth while she was still asleep.

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