Comedian Mo’Nique: How I Won’t Dye My Gray Hair!

Mo’Nique Embraces Her Gray Hair, ” She won’t Dye Her Hair

Mo’Nique is urging fans to adopt their grey hair. The 52-year old comedian/actress took for her Instagram to discuss a positive message along with her lovers about getting old and embracing your grey hair. She lets fans know she won’t dye her hair to cover up her gray. Mo’Nique composed,

“Hey lovely sisters. I have been asked a lot of times why not I dye my own hair. I WILL NOT. So why are a few us fearful to let it take place. I will allow the NATURAL PROCESS HAPPEN. I am loving maturing, emotionally & physically. I recall when I was younger viewing beautiful older girls, that was great being older/wiser. Imma let it take place. I Love Us 4REAL!”

Her message has been received with favorable feedback from fans. Many sharing and agreeing which they also have adopted their grey hair while some shared which Mo’Nique is inspirational them.

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Mo’Nique was exuding confidence recently. She showed her off Ivy Park dresses, courtesy of Beyonce. Mo’Nique shared with a movie modeling multiple appearances from the group. She captioned the currently viral movie,

“BEYONCÉ YOU DID THAT…Hey my lovely PLUS/FULL SISTERS. Our sister Beyonce? Was considerate & considerate once she did US. Offering you @beyonce p.s. @dwightholtjr my baby, you’re so unique and an extraordinary young man. Your final introduction was AMAZING.”

Which are the ideas about Mo’Nique embracing her grey hair? Tell us in the comments below.

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