Colton Underwood Is Unrecognizable Following Cassie Randolph Cuts His Hair

For another, we believed it was April Fool’s Day. 

What was intended to be a fast cut for Colton Underwood‘s own hair, proven to be rather a transformative appearance. 

On Fridaythe prior Bachelor celebrity chose Instagram to talk he let Lady Cassie Randolph trimming his own hair, including “[it’s] safe to say that she won this conflict and I am going to be sporting a hat for some time.” 

“She is scared of this trimmers, this isn’t going to well for me personally,” Colton says from the movie. “Oh boyhere we go” 

“I am sweating,” Cassie says since she holds the hair clippers. “Okay ladies and gentlemen” 

The final result? A brand new’do this may leave enthusiasts speechless and using their limbs on the ground. Even the 28-year old shared with an”after” photo of the underwear that Cassie gave it seems like she did not really finish what she started.  

Following his”quarantine” haircut, Colton was abandoned without a hair at the very top of his mind along with a daring quantity of hair on his sides. )


“For all those saying it is bogus, that is me now,” he composed along with a selfie in his Instagram Stories.

He also added,”I am staying in my jacket daily.” 

Bad vases aside, it is a good idea to see Colton in much better spirits after ingestion which he has created a”complete recovery” after testing positive for COVID-19 back in March. 

“I only need to have a minute and invite this gorgeous girl and her family for taking such great care of me,” Colton composed along with a photograph with Cassie around Instagram. “Not just physically, but emotionally too (and I am possibly the most high maintenance individual ). She is hardworking, enthusiastic, understanding, type and has the largest heart.”

He continued,”Her relatives opened their doors up while we had been in quarantine and throughout what we stuck together. I’ve made a complete recovery in the coronavirus and we all managed to maintain the whole family healthy also.”

You may observe Cassie providing Colton that epic panties here on Instagram. 

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