Coca-Cola flavor orange vanilla created lots of buzz in Canada & Australia before launch, why?

coca cola new orange vanilla flavor launch

Coca-Cola new flavor Orange Vanilla

Your old favorite Coca-Cola has a new entrant. Introducing its offshoot of Orange Vanilla flavor in more than a decade. It will go on sale from February 25 along with Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar. Aiming at care-free summer days as Brand Director, Kate Carpenter put it aptly during the launch. Coca- Cola wanted to bring back the memories of creamy orange popsicles of childhood along with a Coca-Cola twist.

The drink will be available in the usual 12-ounce cans and 20-ounce plastic bottles across the country. The drinks will be launched just in time for the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament when it will also be launched in soda dispensers.

The company decided to bring out this flavor after testing 3 flavorslemon, ginger, raspberry with focus groups. However, the unanimous choice remained the orange vanilla one which brought back many memories for the testers.

Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla launch in Australia & Canada

Orange No Sugar was launched in Australia along with Orange Vanilla in Canada last summers.

coca cola new orange vanilla flavor launch

The reviews received so far of the new flavours have been mixed. People given blind tests have not been able to guess the exact flavour and some even felt a higher proportion of vanilla would do justice to the drink. Some felt the drink felt like “candy corn”. However, may did feel it tasted like an orange creamsicle. Yet, some felt the combination did not really work in Coca-Cola’s favour.

In countries like Canada and Australia, consumers felt an instant connection to the flavours. The company had been looking not to touch any traditional flavours to avoid dilution of ready flavours. Coca-Cola has grown 2% without any significant increase in marketing expenses. This comes at a time when Americans are focusing on health focused food. Coca-Cola has come under scrutiny for obesity prone foods and which has caused widespread issues in the health of kids and teenagers. Coca-Cola hope these new flavour will reduce the issues against health and obesity issues.

Various lifestyle food companies like Coca-Cola and other fast food companies have been trying to improve the product offerings with nutrition levels to showcase the efforts of change and improvement in product quality. There has been a severe backlash from parents, schools and health activist organizations, slamming the additives in these products to turn a young kid into their customers for life. Coca-Cola has come up with nutritional information on their country-wise website to show the nutrition level to meet the regulatory requirements of nutrition from beverages.

Previous Launches from Coca-Cola

The company has previously experimented with Vanilla Coke in 2007 and Vanilla Coke Zero in 2002. Also, Cherry Coke has been around 1985 in the market. Yet none of these flavors have really taken off in a big way. During the last couple of months, the company has launched Strawberry Guava, Blueberry Acai in its diet franchise. In the 2018 year beginning it had lined up Feisty Cheery, Zesty Blood Orange, Twisted Mango and Ginger Lime.

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