Co-creator Bob Gale explains why a 4th film won't happen

Co-creator Bob Gale clarifies why a 4th movie will not occur

The BACK TO THE FUTURE franchises is most likely among the very sacred franchises set to film. The fanbase enormous and some folks even believe, at the first movie, is among the most perfect films ever produced. The sequels, which might be claimed have varying levels of quality, possess their lovers who sing the praises of their second and third movies. Through the decades’ folks have wondered why have not we gotten yet another sequel or hasn’t this franchise already been remade since Hollywood will appreciate creating everything new again.   In a meeting with”Collider”, the franchise’s author Bob Gale clarified why we have not gotten a second installment to the franchise and I only need to admire the man for sticking to his guns and being utterly blunt with this one.

“We advised an entire story with all the trilogy. When we went and made a second one, we would have Michael J. Fox, who is next year, also he’s Parkinson’s Disease. Do we would like to watch Marty McFly at age with Parkinson’s Disease? Did we wish to watch him in the age with Parkinson’s Disease? I’d say’No, you do not wish to observe .’ And you do not need to watch back into the Future with no Michael J. Fox. Folks say,’Well, do it by someone else’ Really? Who are you really going to purchase? All you are gonna do is beg comparisons to your originals, and you are not likely to fit up.”

The BACK TO THE upcoming movie or reboots talks have appeared to be internet chatter as opposed to real needs from the principal individuals involved. After the deepfake movie was completed that place Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. at the area of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd from the iconic parts of Marty and Doc, a few thought it looked cool and there may be possible there but then I’d state the outspoken majority was from anybody else carrying on these roles apart from the initial duo. Bob Gale proceeds to clarify he prefer to keep the integrity of their first trilogy as opposed to attempting to generate a profit a sequel off or reboot:

“We have seen this with sequels which return to the well after all, many decades, and they move’Ah, well, ” The Phantom Menace, possibly my life might have been easier if I had not seen it’ There are a whole lot of additional sequels such as that. We did not wish to be those men who did a film that was a moneygrab. Universal claims to us’You had guys would earn a good deal of cash,’ but we are like,’Well, we have made a good deal of cash with those films, and we enjoy them the way that they are. As well as happy parents, we are not likely to market our children to prostitution.'”

Gale feels quite strongly about not promoting as it pertains to BACK TO THE FUTURE and who could blame him! The franchise is nice how it is and when we will need to innovate in certain nostalgia we could watch the movie on Netflix or even Blu-Ray or find the supreme Trilogy 4K Blu-ray which was released yesterday. There’s absolutely not any need to rehash all this merely to earn a fast buck. BTW, in case anybody thought they might head over Gale and create a new movie or reboot with no approval, that will not be occurring:

“We now have an agreement with Spielberg and Amblin [Entertainment] there might not be a second Back to the Future film with no blessing or being included. So it is not likely to take place.”

I believe that puts the nail in that coffin and now I must say it is wonderful to find an IP such as this won’t be remade or awarded the sequel therapy so Generic Pictures can finance other future endeavors. Allow this trilogy be equally as excellent because it’s about its own terms without having to last a story that does not have to be told.

Can YOU believe BACK TO THE FUTURE wants a sequel?

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