Claudia Jordan: Donald Trump Tried To Resist Me – Back!!

Claudia Jordan: Donald Trump Tried To Kiss Me - Twice!!

Former Apprentice star Claudia Jordan has promised that President Donald Trump attempted to kiss her two during her stint on the series.

“Oh, before I obtained’Apprentice’, we’re exactly enjoy the season or the season leading up to this series. He had been attempting it a tiny bit, you understand, he’d sort of doing it… He attempted to kiss me , double,” she explained about the Behind The Velvet Rope podcast.

Here is a clip:

“And that I needed to remind him he had been married. This is like,’Now, you aren’t placing that tongue into my mouth. This isn’t likely to occur. Surely not. ‘“

Claudia claims that the president often cheated wife, Melania Trump, which everyone understood.

“I understand he’d enjoy me as someone. I understand he cried and he’d attempt to kiss me but I was not gonna go with this. And you knowhe strove me a few of times, but that I was able , like I mentioned, curve, that a great deal of girls, we should not need to get the ability, but a great deal people do possess that ability. We must enjoy browse where, fine, it was not sexual attack,” she added. “I am not likely to say this, however you’re looking for it and you’re a married guy. And allow me to remind you, you’re wed to Melania and I am not her. That means that you may place your small orange lips onto your wife and also we could do business but you’re gonna be around.”

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