Claudia Jordan Claims Trump Was’Nice to Me Because He Wished to F***’

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Claudia Jordan Believes Donald Trump was Consistently cool for her since he wanted to get in her pants, and she’s comparing him to People Such as Thomas Jefferson.

That is NOT a reference, possibly.

The”Celebrity Apprentice” alum opened about her reality show times with Trump while about the most recent variant of this Junkeez podcast. It is no secret that she hates DT today, but again she states that they got along fine sufficient but added that has been just”because he wished to **k.”

She did not accuse him of attempting something untoward — seems as though it was a vibe that she made out of Trump — but did say nobody needs to choose his respect for her because he is not racist.

In actuality, she compared him to slave owners that had intercourse with their slaves.

Claudia flocked on seasons 6 and 2 “Celebrity Apprentice,” but knew Trump from her times at the Miss USA contest.

She states she did not have some political steak with Trump. Maybe not at first, anyway, but she clarified and if he moved into the dark side — at Claudia’s view, obviously.

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