Claudia Jordan claims Trump Was Nice To Her ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ As He Needed To Sleep W/ her

Claudia Jordan Says Donald Trump Tried To Kiss Her Twice, Told Her Not To Date Black Men 'Cause They Don't Have Money'

Claudia Jordan, Donald Trump

Claudia Jordan claims Trump Was Nice To Her ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ As He Needed To Sleep W/ her

Model, actress, and talk show host Claudia Jordan has more to say regarding her encounter using President Donald Trump if she was around seasons 2 and six “Celebrity Apprentice.” Not known to mince words when it comes to talking about Donald Trump, she promised in a meeting about”Political Junkeez” podcast:

He had been nice for me since he wished to **k. Let us call a spade a spade.

She did not say he attempted anything by her, however she insinuated there wasn’t a vibe which the end game had been to bed . She said she did not want folks to think that he was not racist because he appeared to have a liking for her. She moved on to compare Donald Trump‘s behaviour to the slave masters’ who were not enthusiastic on African-Americans but slept together with their slaves if they desired to:

“I’d like to tell you more than a couple slave masters were having sex with black girls. It’s possible to continue to be racist and also have sexual intercourse with a black lady or wish to. I would like people to cease with that crap”

This really isn’t the only time Claudia Jordan has appeared off about President Trump. Back in mid-October Claudia stated that two Trump tried to kiss her gave her relationship advice, stating she shouldn’t date black men because they allegedly were not as effective financially:

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“He phoned me several days and… he’d inform me I should not waste my time with all Black guys, dating themwhich I had been at the time relationship a athlete, Black guy, and who’s the finest on earth. And I was like,’Wait, why do you mention that to me?” And then he said,’Cause they do not have cash.’ And I was like,’Hmm, alright. So throw off the entire race only because they do not have the cash to you.’ I told himI mentioned…’That is not a cool item. ”’

Claudia Jordan

She said in the interview which Donald Trump values individuals by their external appearance and their monetary standing:

“Therefore I believe Trump judges people by appearances, burden. He made remarks to me personally when I had been performing’Celebrity Apprentice’. Like, I understand he appreciates individuals based on these kinds of items. And I know that seems just like a **ked something up for me to mention but it’s authentic. He can. He respects people predicated on how lean they are, how attractive they are, even if they are loaded.”

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