Claudia Jordan claims Donald Trump Tried To Resist Her back, Told Her To Date Black Men’Cause They Do Not Have Money’

Claudia Jordan Says Donald Trump Tried To Kiss Her Twice, Told Her Not To Date Black Men 'Cause They Don't Have Money'

Claudia Jordan, Donald Trump

Claudia Jordan claims Donald Trump Ability To Kiss Her , Told Her To Date Black Guys’Cause They Do Not Have Money’

Claudia Jordan is sharing tales about Donald Trump in her days on NBC’s”The Celebrity Apprentice”, for example him supposedly attempting to kiss her.

While “Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef” podcast before this week, Claudia Jordan, that appeared on the series in seasons six and two, first talked on Donald Trump’s household.

“I think Tiffany is the most neglected of all of the daughters. I sort of feel as though that he does not give her attention. Now, a tiny bit more, however I really feel like in the time she was not becoming that and I truly believed she was a love and [ex-wife] Marla is extremely sweet.”

She included:

“He favors Ivanka within his very own wife. I enjoy how he enjoys Ivanka. He enjoys Ivanka. I believe he is alright with Trump Jr.. And Eric is similar to, anything. The afterthought, but he is the ugliest.”

She proceeded to mention Donald Trump prioritizes looks.

“Therefore I believe Trump judges people by appearances, burden. He made remarks to me personally when I had been performing’Celebrity Apprentice’. Like, I understand he appreciates individuals based on these kinds of items. And I know that seems just like a **ked something up for me to mention but it’s authentic. He can. He respects people predicated on how lean they are, how attractive they are, even if they are loaded.”

She said of her own expertise with the currently President:

“Just like he called me several times and… he’d inform me I should not waste my time with all Black guys, dating themwhich I had been at the time relationship an Olympic athlete, Black guy, and who’s the finest on earth. And I was like,’Wait, why can you mention that to me?” And then he said,’Cause they do not have cash.’ And I was like,’Hmm, ok. So throw off the entire race only because they do not have the cash to you.’ I told himI explained…’That is not a cool item. ”’

She lasted:

“Oh, until I obtained’Apprentice’, we’re like…the year leading up to this series. He was wanting it a tiny bit, you understand, he’d sort of doing it… He attempted to kiss me , double. And that I needed to remind him he had been married. This is like,’Now, you aren’t placing that tongue into my mouth. This isn’t likely to occur. Surely not…’ Everybody knows he laps. Does she. That is why her diamonds and necklaces are so significant.”

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