Cindy Crawford Engages in Ridiculous Sauna Video Play with Her “Baby Hairs”

Cindy Crawford Engages in Ridiculous Sauna Video Play with Her "Baby Hairs"

A good hair day for Cindy Crawford.

The 56-year-old supermodel, who knows how to treat herself, posted a selfie from the sauna where she was serving some of her world-famous faces to her 7.3 million followers on Instagram on Friday.

Crawford captioned the photo, “Baby hairs in the sauna,” complete with a baby emoji.

In the video, she swept her hair over her forehead and looked thoughtfully into the camera, her finger lingering on her lips.

Crawford received numerous compliments from readers. “They are definitely pubescent follicles. What if you gave some to me, “ex-Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Williams wrote this. But Christa Miller, who played the shrinking woman in the movie, warned her, “No bangs!”

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The ex-host of “MTV’s House of Style” didn’t seem concerned about getting her hair wet in the sauna, even though she had just last month shared a hilarious technique for keeping her hair dry while wearing a Ziploc bag on her head.

“The perfect solution for when it’s pouring in Malibu but you still want to relax in a hot tub without getting your hair wet! Really obliged, @ziploc “Crawford posted a selfie to her Instagram story and said.

She her and husband Rande Gerber have a 23-year-old son named Presley and a 21-year-old daughter named Kaia. Like her mother before her, Kaia is a promising model and actress, and she has been known to give her relatives and ex-boyfriend Jacob Elordi backyard haircuts.

Crawford revealed earlier this month that she had been self-conscious about the difference in hair age between herself and her model/actress daughter. “My daughter has my former hair, and it’s beautiful and healthy looking, and I want it back!” The model told the magazine.

Hair thinning is a natural part of getting older, she said. We may anticipate the onset of grey hair, but few of us anticipate the accompanying changes in texture, brittleness, shedding, and general dullness.

Before launching her Meaningful Beauty line in June of 2021, Crawford gushed to PEOPLE about her daughter’s fashion sense. She went on to say, “Kaia and her generation, in general, are a lot more open to experimenting, and that is one of my favorite things about them.”

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