Christopher Gardner Net Worth: The Rise of a Self-Made Millionaire!

christopher gardner net worth

Early Years

On February 9th, 1954, Christopher Paul Gardner was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Christopher’s childhood was not simple; he was raised by an abusive stepfather with three sisters. He and his sisters were in and out of foster care as a result of the volatility of their parent’s marriage.

His maternal uncles, however, had a good influence on his upbringing and motivated him to strive for greater achievement. Gardner said that even though his parents’ marriage had a significant conflict, it taught him to steer clear of vices like alcohol and illiteracy.

What Is the Net Worth of Christopher Gardner?

christopher gardner net worth

Christopher Gardner is a successful American businessman, author, investor, and motivational speaker with a net worth of $70 million according to celebritynetworth. With the release of the Will Smith-starring movie “The Pursuit of Happyness,” Christopher Gardner’s life story gained popularity. Christopher had a real “rags to riches” tale, overcoming destitution to become a multi-millionaire. He finally started a prosperous brokerage company.

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Early career and military service

Gardner enlisted in the Navy after receiving his degree, following in the footsteps of one of his uncles. After leaving the Navy, he worked as a hospital corpsman before accepting a position as an assistant performing clinical research at the University of California. He gained enough expertise to be completely competent in managing his own laboratory and carrying out different surgical operations.

Career Change and Marriage

christopher gardner net worth

Gardner became aware that he would need to devote 10 years of his life to college study after marrying Sherry Dyson in 1977 if he wanted to develop his career as a medical practitioner. Even after earning his degree, there was no assurance he would land a reliable job. Gardner decided to pursue a career in sales rather than medicine after considering these points (although he was still selling medical equipment). Shortly after, Gardner began an illicit relationship with Jackie Medina, who later gave birth to his first child. He decided to leave Dyson as a result and create a family with Medina.

Gardner finally encountered a man driving a Ferrari who identified himself as a stockbroker and said that raising a child was expensive. Christopher then shifted his attention to establishing a career in stocks. Meetings between Christopher and many prominent stock brokerage business managers were arranged by the man in the Ferrari, and Gardner voluntarily paid a number of parking tickets to make the meetings happen.

Finally, he was recruited by a brokerage business, only to find out later that his employer had been sacked. Jackie attempted to flee during this time with Christopher’s son. Following a domestic incident, the police became involved and learned that Gardner had $1,200 in outstanding parking charges. He then confessed that he was unable to pay the penalties, and was then taken into custody and imprisoned for ten days. Jackie brought Gardner’s son to the East Coast while Gardner was incarcerated.

Gardner had almost little when he got out of jail. He was nonetheless admitted to a different stock trading house. Christopher was unable to pay his living bills and moved into a flophouse because the job did not pay a wage. Gardner was determined to be successful and set a target of 200 brokerage calls every day. Jackie arrived back with his son about this time. Christopher agreed to take care of the youngster, but because kids weren’t allowed in the flophouse, he was left without a place to live.

Gardner, who is now a full-fledged employee of the movie, has to combine a budding stockbroker career with parenting and homelessness. He and his son were nomads who frequently slept in public restrooms while obtaining their meals from soup kitchens. He eventually accumulated enough cash to rent a house. After that, he continued his relationship with Jackie and they had a second child together, however, he eventually declined to date Jackie again. She did, however, come in handy for watching the kids while Gardner worked.

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Brokerage Company

Gardner had achieved such success by 1987 that he was prepared to launch his own brokerage company. He founded Gardner Rich & Co. from his Chicago apartment. His first investment was only $10,000, but he eventually expanded the company to be worth millions of dollars. He created Christopher Gardner Holdings in 2006 after selling a six-figure portion of his minority ownership in the company.

He was appointed CEO of the newly formed business, which had offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. Christopher Gardner Holdings got involved in investing endeavors in South Africa, which at the time was led by Nelson Mandela, among many other projects.


christopher gardner net worth

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Gardner is heavily active in a lot of humanitarian endeavors given his own experiences with homelessness and financial strain. The San Francisco Glide Memorial Methodist Church, where he and his son were previously sheltered when they were homeless, has received significant donations from him. Additionally, he contributed $50 million to a San Francisco program for affordable housing. Other philanthropic groups gain from Gardner’s sponsorship as well.

The Search for Happiness

Christopher Gardner wrote a book titled “The Pursuit of Happiness” in 2006 after seeing that many others had been motivated by his own hardships and journey. In the movie version of the novel released the same year, Will Smith and Jaden Smith played Gardner and his son, respectively. The picture lists Christopher Gardner as an associate producer. At the box office, the film brought in more than $300 million worldwide, making it a huge commercial success. Additionally, the movie received favorable reviews from reviewers, and Will Smith received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

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