Christoph Waltz will return as Blofeld in Bond 25

Christoph Waltz in Bond 25

Christoph Waltz in Bond 25

When it comes to Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the super spy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld is one of the iconic villains. Moreover, in the entire Daniel Craig’s Bond series, Blofeld knows the black and white side the wrong things that James has to bear.

Christoph Waltz did play the role of the iconic archenemy in the 2015 Bond flick, Spectre. According to one of the prominent online sources, Waltz would return and play the part of the criminal mastermind. Nevertheless, it is hard to say as to what would be Blofeld connection to the primary antagonist of the movie.

Christoph Waltz is not the main antagonist of Bond 25

Rami Malek, who has become a recent Oscar award-winning actor, is going to be the big baddie of Bond 25. Rami Malek has made an impression on the audience with his performance in Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsody.

On the other hand, Blofeld was last seen alive in Spectre. In the Daniel Craig and Monica Belluci starring flick, Bond took Blofeld in the MI6’s custody. Moreover, Bond’s plan was to torture the criminal mastermind by putting him behind bars for good. There is a highly likely chance that Blofeld is going to be rotting in jail where James put him.

What are the other changes that are heading to the James Bond franchise?

It is excellent to know that one of the brilliant actors of the present generation will remain part of Bond 25. On the other hand, the recent revelation of who would portray the next James Bond is also out. Lashana Lynch is the next 007 who is the perfect replacement of James Bond.

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Breaking NEWS  Lashana Lynch might replace Daniel Craig as the new 007 in 25th James Bond movie

Lynch has also made her big break in Marvel Cinematic Universe’ Captain Marvel. In Bond 25, Lynch would take over the mantle of License to Kill after Bond retires his spying career. Experts are suggesting that the introduction of Lynch as 007 in Bond 25 would be an iconic popcorn-dropping moment.

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