Christian Eriksen might not play Football ever again

Euro 2020
Euro 2020

Shocking News from EURO 2020 as Christian Eriksen collapsed during the Denmark game against Finland; cardiac arrest might not let him play again.

Denmark started their journey of UEFA EURO 2020 by hosting Finland at their capital Copenhagen. But the supporters witnessed a horrific incident on the pitch in their opening game.

Famous Danish footballer Christian Eriksen collapsed in between the game just before the half time of the match. A combined effort of entire Danish players, their medical staffs and local doctors saved his life from the hands of death.  

Doctors reported his present condition as stable and responding to their treatments.

What caused Christian Eriksen to collapse?

The football after the coronavirus pandemic has become a major hurdle for footballers. They played continuous football with hectic schedules and without any break.

And the players got very little rest after the season ended couples of weeks back.

Several doctors assume that cardiac arrest might have has happened with Eriksen during the game. And the cause can certainly be the temperature or the heavy pressure due to uneasy conditions.

On field medical staffs reported that they brought him back on field after CPR. Hence, doctors won’t prescribe any physical activity in recent future.

Will Eriksen continue playing football?

Dr. Sanjay Sharma, who examined Christian Eriksen during his time at Tottenham Hotspurs, says that no doctors will allow him to play football, immediately after recovering.

The situation might become heavy for him and force him to retire from football. And even if he wants to return on the field, he must prepare himself for coaching duties.

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