How Much Does Chris Sacca Earn: All You Need To Know About His Net Worth

Christopher Sacca (born May 12, 1975) is a venture investor, company advisor, entrepreneur, and lawyer from the United States. He is the founder and CEO of Lowercase Capital, a venture capital fund based in the United States that has made investments in seed and early-stage technology businesses such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Twilio, and Kickstarter, earning him a spot on Forbes’ Midas List: Top Tech Investors for 2017. Sacca worked at Google Inc. for several years, where he oversaw the alternate access and cellular divisions and worked on mergers and acquisitions. He was featured as a “Guest Shark” on ABC’s Shark Tank from 2015 to 2017. Sacca announced his retirement from venture investing in early 2017.

Chris Sacca’s net worth

Chris Sacca’s net worth: Chris Sacca is a $1 billion American venture investor, private equity adviser, and public speaker. Also, she was born in May 1975 in Lockport, New York. Brian Sacca, his brother, is a comedian. Chris is well-known for his embroidered cowboy shirts. He is a former Google Inc. employee and an investor in Uber and Twitter.

He received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and his diploma from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Sacca was the Head of Special Initiatives at Google. He is the CEO of Lowercase Capital, a venture capital business. Sacca appeared as a guest shark on the reality television show Shark Tank in October 2015.

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Chris Sacca’s early life

Chris Sacca was born on May 12, 1975, in Lockport, a Buffalo suburb. His father was an attorney, and his mother was a SUNY Buffalo State professor. Sacca is of Irish and Italian ancestry, with ancestors from Calabria, Italy. Sacca’s parents exposed him to a wide range of interests, and he recalls being taken out of school to visit science museums and read books.

During law school, Sacca used his student loans to create a firm, and when that venture failed, he used the remaining funds to begin trading on the stock market. He turned $10-20 thousand into $12 million by leveraging trades for considerable amounts (discovering a weakness in the software of internet trading companies in 1998) by 2000.

When the market plummeted, Sacca was left in debt with a four million dollar negative balance. Sacca began his legal career in Silicon Valley as an associate at Fenwick & West, where he handled venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and licencing transactions for technology companies such as Macromedia, VeriSign, and Kleiner Perkins.

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Chris Sacca’s career

Sacca joined Google as Corporate Counsel in November 2003, reporting to General Counsel David Drummond. His initial assignment as a member of the legal and commercial development team was to find enormous amounts of data space by negotiating and executing agreements all over the world.

Sacca was Google Inc.’s Head of Special Initiatives, overseeing the alternative access and wireless businesses. Among his undertakings were the 700 MHz and TV white spaces spectrum initiatives, Google’s data centre in Oregon, and Mountain View, California’s free citywide WiFi network.

Sacca was also on the founding team of Google’s New Business Development unit and led many of the company’s business development and mergers and acquisitions activities.

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