Chris Pine covers his face with a bandana towards the coronavirus pandemic whilst picking up takeout

Chris Pine covers his head with a bandana because he along with his Lady Annabelle Wallis pickup takeout towards the coronavirus pandemic

He has been seen last week ringing up on groceries at more than a hoodie.

Chris Pine appeared to have quieted his coronavirus security match when he was seen picking up takeout at dinner at Los Angeles’ Los Feliz area with his celebrity girlfriend Annabelle Wallis, 35, on Friday.

The 39-year old Wonder Woman celebrity followed CDC recommendations and coated his head with a bandana because he moved in to catch their meals.

Masked guy: Chris Pine upped his coronavirus security game on Friday if he picked up takeout at LA’s Los Feliz area along with his girlfriend Annabelle Wallis while sporting a bandana in his head

Chris maintained his appearance low-key for the brief trip out with a olive striped tank top and reddish design shorts compared to just came back into his buttocks.

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He had on black flip flops and wore a wide-brimmed straw hat on his red, blue and white bandana, he wore only beneath his eyesl

Annabelle, famous for her character on the BBC collection Peaky Blinders, waited in Chris’ stunning black Porsche Speedster.

No difficulty: Chris appeared like he had been prepared for a day at the shore with his low-key freshwater tank red patterned shortsand black flip flops and a wide-brimmed straw hat

requirement for speed: Annabelle, famous for her character on the BBC collection Peaky Blinders, waited in Chris’ stunning black Porsche Speedster 

The Star Trek celebrity’s fabric face covering was based on recommendations declared by the Centers for Disease Control on Friday.

The bureau encouraged Americans to put on fabric masks going out in people, and several individuals have made their own reflective masks out of T-shirts or just wrapped bandanas around their faces.

Masks were formerly not recommended because many non-professionals use them wrongly and might be more inclined to contact their face because of a false sense of safety.

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The CDC also strongly urged Americans to not wear or purchase professional-grade masks, that are in dangerously low source in hospitals throughout the nation. 

Leading by example: The CDC encouraged Americans to pay their faces with fabric masks, although not to utilize medical-grade masks, that are urgently desire by health care employees

Coming soon: Chris’ second major job is Magic Woman 1984the sequel to the strike 2017 movie starring Gal Gadot. The film has been pushed back from the June opening into a August premiere date

Chris’ next major movie project would be Magic Woman 1984and also the most awaited sequel to the 2017 blockbuster starring Gal Gadot

The celebrity had completed his work on the movie and it was initially scheduled for a June prior launch.

The spread of the novel coronavirus, that includes shuttered most movie theaters around the world, place the comic book movie on grip, and Warner Bros. announced last week that the film would be published around August 14.

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