Chris Moyles Girlfriend: Lets See Whom He Dating Now!

chris moyles girlfriend

Chris Moyles is a radio host and broadcaster best known for his appearances on Radio X, Capital FM, and BBC Radio 1. He is also noted for his occasionally contentious presenting style.

The 48-year-old started his career in national radio in 1996 on Capital FM before moving on to headline Radio 1’s breakfast program from 2004 until 2012. He has been the host of Radio X’s morning show since 2015.

chris moyles girlfriend

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Who Is the Girlfriend of Chris Moyles?

Chris Moyles and Tiffany Austin are a couple.
Tiffany, a talent manager and artist from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, has worked with people including Chris’ fellow I’m A Celeb contestant, Boy George.

According to her LinkedIn page, Tiffany has been a “day-to-day manager” for the pop icon since 2018. She previously served as the founder of The Jet Business, Steve Varsano’s executive assistant.

How Did Chris Moyles and Tiffany Meet Each Other?

The two are believed to have crossed paths in LA when Chris was between jobs at Radio 1 and Radio X.

The couple allegedly started dating in 2015 and initially kept their relationship a secret from the public for nearly two years until making their first public appearance together at Jamie Oliver’s now-closed Barbecoa restaurant in Piccadilly, London.
Since then, the couple has relocated from the US to the UK and is currently living together in London.

Check out Chris Moyles’ Relationship Timeline Now!

chris moyles girlfriend

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Miss Waite

After eight years together, Chris Moyles and Sophie Waite ended their relationship. They ranged in date from 2002 to 2010. After their breakup, the two were devastated to the core. There was a photo of them right before their breakup, crying. After their breakup, fans were as heartbroken and devastated.

Boulter, Ana

For three years, Chris Moyles and Ana Boulter were a couple. They ranged in the year from 1997 to 2000. Even after they broke up, Ana only has positive things to say about Moyles. Sources claim that she told the journalists during one of the interviews that she would always be Chris. Chris used to be Ana’s favorite because of his hooks and sinkers.

Mc Ginnity, Aoibhinn

In 2015, there were speculations that radio host Chris Moyles was seeing model Aoibhinn McGinnity, who is 28 years old. They were seen strolling together across Dublin.

Taylor Austin

Everyone finds their soul partner after going through a lot of difficulties and tribulations. Chris Moyles experienced the same thing. Tiffany Austin is a well-known art director who has collaborated with a number of famous people, including Boy George.

Chris and Tiffany began dating in 2015, and they have been together since. After Sophie Waite, Tiffany is Chris’ second serious girlfriend. Both of them are sweet love stories. From 2012 until 2015, Chris experienced a career breakdown.

He spent some time in Beverly Hills, where he eventually met Tiffany. As their relationship developed, Tiffany and Chris went to Los Angeles. They are now a powerful couple and are inseparable.


Christopher David Moyles is an English radio and TV host, author, and host of the Chris moyles show on radio X. He’s seeing Tiffany Austin. Tiffany is an artist and talent manager from Beverly Hills. Moyles’s dating life was also very unstable. He dated Miss Waite, Boulter Ana, Mc Ginnity Aoibhinn, and now Taylor Autin. Let’s see how long they stay together.


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