Chris Hogan Controversy: Everything You Need to Know so Far

chris hogan controversy

Ramsey Solutions, which is owned by Christian financial expert and radio personality Dave Ramsey, has lost one of its most recognizable figures. Chris Hogan, who was formerly considered Dave’s heir, has announced his departure from the organization. The website of Ramsey Solutions portrays its now-former employee as “America’s foremost authority on retirement, investment, and wealth creation.” Chris, the author of Everyday Millionaires, held a successful radio show on Dave’s platform and frequently appeared on Dave’s program as a guest host.

He also often attended Ramsey Solutions events and was featured in a “Reset” event that Ramsey Solutions live-streamed from the largest congregation in the United States, Life Church.

Chris published a video on YouTube on March 10, 2021, announcing his departure from Ramsey Solutions. Why did Chris decide to leave the company of Dave Ramsey? The reasons appear to be related to a new lawsuit alleging that employees were terminated or reprimanded due to premarital sex.

chris hogan controversy

Since 1992, when Dave Ramsey founded Ramsey Solutions to provide financial education and counseling, the firm has expanded to include over 900 employees. Now, Chris will no longer be with the organization. Chris revealed in his YouTube video, “I need to let you all in on certain things that have been happening in my personal life. I am no longer a member of the Ramsey Solutions team since it has come to light that I have recently engaged in conduct that is inconsistent with the company’s values.

He said, “I apologize for the hurt this has caused. I cherish my family and friends, but I want to express my gratitude to Dave, the team, and all of you for your support throughout the years. Chris closed his statement by adding, “You will no longer hear from me personally, but if you need assistance with your finances or your life, remain connected with Ramsey’s terrific information and amazing people.”

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The Roys Report Acquired Exclusive Audio

The Roys Report has received an exclusive recording in which two Ramsey board members indicate they were aware Chris Hogan was having an affair during their 2018 meeting with Melissa.

On May 18, 2020, former Ramsey software engineer Dan Watt met with Jack Galloway and Mike Finney, members of the Ramsey Operational Board.

False Story or Double Standard?

chris hogan controversy

The reputation of Ramsey Solutions as a Christian-owned firm is widespread. Ramsey has stated publicly, “Our office adheres to a moral code of behavior.” “I dismiss everyone who had an unfaithful connection.”

In his book EntreLeadership, Ramsey also states that if a team member decides to have an affair, he “won’t let them stay.

” I cannot have faith in them if their spouse does not,”

A lawsuit has been filed against the company for firing an employee because she was pregnant and unmarried. According to court records, Ramsey Solutions either fired or forced the departure of at least 12 more workers for having sex before marriage.

Nonetheless, Ramsey Solutions supported Chris Hogan’s statewide book tour just weeks after Melissa Hogan alerted Ramsey and his board of his husband’s infidelity.

Melissa Hogan Contests Ramsey’s Account.

Melissa Hogan denies demanding Ramsey forcefully on the Untangled Faith podcast in December of 2018. “I did not indulge in any exaggeration or dramatics,” she asserts, adding that she provided Ramsey and his board with “ample evidence and recordings.”

For her, Ramsey’s assertion that there were “no angels” in the situation is likewise a point of controversy.

Melissa said, “I don’t pretend to be flawless, but throughout my marriage, I acted with honesty.

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“Christopher and Melissa Hogan Are Divorced.

chris hogan controversy

Chris revealed in the divorce proceedings that he had committed adultery with several women during his marriage, including a year-long romance with a former Ramsey coworker and a relative of his wife. The pair split in 2019. Melissa has issued her own statement in response to the YouTube video posted by her ex-husband.

She said, “I observe that while his statement shows regret for the harm caused, he does not accept responsibility for the consequences of his conduct on his family, those who trusted him, or those whose employment depended on his position and integrity. He does not admit that his activities have caused severe harm to me, our children, my family, and other women he has exploited, among others.” She adds that her husband has not confessed the role played by the corporation and Dave in covering up his conduct.

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