Chipotle Hacks: With This Trending Chipotle Trick, You Can Purchase a Surprisingly Cheap Burrito.

chipotle hacks

Chipotle is now a common meal among college students worldwide. A satisfying lunch with premium ingredients that includes all the fundamental food categories costs eight dollars. Not to add, it tastes really delicious.

What if you could order the same dish for around the same cost and get more food? Simply by altering how you order your meal at Chipotle, there are numerous ways to get more for your money there. Even better, you can use the leftovers you have at home as the foundation for future dishes. Here are six tips to make your Chipotle meal last longer:

1. Place a Bowl Order and Order Extras

chipotle hacks

It goes without saying that a Chipotle bowl is the most filling dish available. Just as with a burrito or quesadilla, you receive more food. This is mainly because the bowl is not constrained by the dimensions of a tortilla or taco shell. So be sure to purchase the bowl if you want to get the most value for your money.

However, there is something inherently superior about eating a burrito. Perhaps it’s because all the ingredients are present in every bite. Perhaps it’s simply due to how delicious the warm, salty, and chewy tortilla is.

When ordering your meal, ask for tortillas or taco shells on the side if you want the best of both worlds. In general, one bowl has the same number of components as three tacos or roughly one burrito tortilla. Most of the time, your server will add it without cost to you, or at the very least, at a slight premium.

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2. Request Half-And-Half

Ask for half of one option and half of another option at each step of the ordering procedure. In general, this will result in you getting more meals over time because the server is unlikely to accurately measure the components.

Beans and protein both function in this way. Take advantage of this since the two types of meat can go well together. The dish of chicken and barbacoa is advised. Chicken and sofritas are budget-friendly options. Red meats typically increase the cost, notably the beef selections.

3. Request More Rice

The waitress would gladly provide additional rice if you request it at no additional cost. Chipotle doesn’t mind giving you more because rice is one of the least expensive ingredients. Brown rice is the way to go if you want extra nutrients because it has more calories than white rice. Minerals and vitamins are added by the grain.

4. Stay out Late

chipotle hacks

If you visit Chipotle right before it closes, your meal will be especially enormous. This is due to the fact that the restaurant must discard all of its food before closing. You’d think they’d take it home, but businesses forbid employees from doing so for concern that they could purposefully make too much food

As a result, just before closing, your waitress will pile as much food as they can onto your plate in an effort to avoid wasting any. The drawback of that? In general, they are figuratively scraping the bottom of the pot, or in this case, the barrel. As a result, the ingredients are frequently subpar and have frequently been sitting there for a while being cold. At your own peril, try it.

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5. Completion

Don’t be a picky eater; fill your plate with all of Chipotle’s ingredients, excluding only those that are extra cost. Get the fajitas, all of the salsas, and the extra greens to put on top of the lettuce. Who cares if your server gives you a strange look? You have a tonne of food. Embrace it.

6. Transform It Into Another Item

Your basic Chipotle bowl can serve as the foundation for many other types of meals. Make careful to keep the lettuce out of your bowl if you intend to make a fresh meal out of it because it will wilt and rot. The lettuce will also taste awful if you cook it.

Dinner: Prepare a Salad.

Topping a salad with leftovers is the simplest way to turn leftovers into a fresh meal. Chop up your preferred head of lettuce—I suggest Boston lettuce—and sprinkle it with the remaining Chipotle. Your dressing is already prepared if you purchased the vinaigrette from them.

I advise incorporating other vegetables that aren’t found at Chipotle. Excellent options include feta cheese, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, and broccoli.

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2nd Course: Chipotle Stew

The components for chilli are practically your typical Chipotle meal. Here is a straightforward recipe for a hearty stew.

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