‘Chinese cyber assault shows the iron fist’ supporting the latex glove: Liz Storer

‘Chinese cyber attack reveals the iron fist’ behind the velvet glove: Liz Storer

Advance Australia manager Liz Storer states”we appear to be watching with the iron fist only going for these days” underneath the Communist Party of China’s recent activities in the world stage. “We’re under assault,” she told Sky News server Andrew Bolt”Though our government has really diplomatically not stated that this is China, all of us know who’s the culprit here”. “Whether it is this cyber warfare Australia, while it’s the budding cold war with the US, while it’s that the skirmish about the Indian boundary, while it’s Taiwan and if it is Hong Kong, China’s diplomatic mask has shrunk”. “We appear to be visiting with the iron fist only going for these days,” she explained. Mr Bolt said the record of offensive measures taken by China in the last couple of months, pointed into the execution of a deliberate plan from the Communist regime showing the”mailed fist under the velvet glove”. Picture: Getty