China records 7% YoY growth in smartphone sales during 618 shopping festival

According to the latest news, China’s mid year shopping festival 618 held in the month of June has become a major e-commerce activity not only in China but also outside it. This year’s event was the first event after the outbreak of COVID 19. Last year, the smartphone sales took a hit due to the pandemic. This time, the phone makers were expecting robust sales and it seems they were not disappointed.

As per data released by Counterpoint market research firm, the smartphone market recorded a rebound in the sales of smartphones during the festival. The data shows a 7% YoY increase in smartphone sales within the first three weeks of June. However, it should be noted that the sales of previous two months ie. April and May were pretty disappointing.

BBK subsidiary Vivo is leading the list with the most sales. Vivo raked 23% of the total phones sold by the top eight phone manufacturers. It was followed by fellow BBK subsidiary OPPO with a market share of 21%. Xiaomi grabbed the third spot with a sales market share of 19%.

Counterpoint pointed out that these three companies performed superbly in terms of sales due to the absence of Huawei and its sub brand Honor. The two companies were the first and second bestsellers last year but this year, their sales plummeted 68% and 49% respectively.

Basically, Huawei’s smartphone business has been crippled by the US ban and it was forced to sell the Honor brand. Despite all this, Honor managed to record a 7% sales share in the 618 festival. It is also worth mention that Honor’s sales surged more than 15% than in May.

Interestingly, Apple has also recorded an impressive sales market share during the 618 shopping festival with a 16% YoY increase. Apple held the 4th position while Realme came grabbed the fifth spot.

Michael Turner
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