China FM predicts US Indo-Pacific plan a massive security threat

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – The United States introduces a”massive security threat” into Asia by pushing boost engagement with the area, China’s foreign ministry said Tuesday during a tour of Southeast Asia, in which Beijing and Washington are secured in a struggle for influence.

Discussing in Malaysia,” Wang Yi said the U.S.’s actual goal is”to create a Indo-Pacific NATO,” at a plan he explained harkened back into the Cold War.

Washington is attempting to”wake up confrontation among various classes and blocs, also wake up behavioral competition when keeping the predominance and hegemony method of this U.S.,” Wang said in a joint press conference with his Malaysian counterpart, Hishammuddin Hussein.

“This way, this tactic is a massive safety threat,” Wang explained.

Wang also urged Southeast Asian countries, which are planning to draw up a code of behavior with China in the South China Sea, to eliminate”external disturbance” from the contested waters, but didn’t elaborate.

Wang’s tone is typical of China’s progressively hard-line way of disputes with Washington because it attempts to capitalize on political branches over the U.S. and a perceived decline in America’s international influence to progress its foreign policy goals.

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China’s competitive moves to maintain its territorial claims in the South China Sea, where a third of international shipping moves, have drawn rebuke from the USA and eventually become a flashpoint for a place where Southeast Asian countries Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei have equal claims.

Hishammuddin said the disputes within the South China Sea has to be solved peacefully through regional dialog.

The U.S. claims its Indo-Pacific participation frame supports sovereignty, transparency, and very good government and a rules-based arrangement, among other matters.

By employing the expression”Indo-Pacific,” that the U.S. wants to spread the concept that the area extends beyond China’s yard along with the tiger economies of East Asia to incorporate the Indian Ocean.


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