Megumi Fushiguro’s Domain Expansion – Chimera Shadow Garden Explained!

Chimera Shadow Garden: Megumi Fushiguro’s Domain Expansion Explained!
Chimera Shadow Garden: Megumi Fushiguro’s Domain Expansion Explained!

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, there’s an ability possessed by Jujutsu users which is their most powerful asset. That ability is domain expansion. We’ve seen a variety of expansions used by different Jujutsu users in the series. However, there’s still much more to learn about it.

It is a pretty handy technique as it allows users to land confirmed hits on the opponent. It engulfs the enemy in a restricted area and ensures that the user strikes with guaranteed damage. Every Jujutsu user has their own unique domain expansion technique. The effectiveness and fatalness of it depend on the skills and range of the user.

While still in its development stages, we’ve seen some of the users use it to maximum potential. Among those users is Megumi Fushiguro whose domain expansion is Chimera Shadow Garden. Today we are going to discuss how fatal this technique is and how effectively Megumi utilizes it. But before that let’s take a quick look at what exactly is domain expansion.

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Fushiguro Megumi vs Special Grade Curse
Fushiguro Megumi vs Special Grade Curse
ALERT: The following article contains spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Read ahead at your own discretion!

What is Domain Expansion Ability?

In simple words, it is an ability that allows Jujutsu users to create a barrier using their innate domain. The user manifests a separate space and traps the enemy within it to cause the damage. When the opponent is inside of the barrier, they can’t avoid the hits.

Not all users are able to fully realize the potential of this ability. Even sorcerers of the highest grade struggle to put up a consistent barrier.

Megumi Fushiguro’s Domain Expansion

Megumi’s domain expansion technique is Chimera Shadow Garden. He hasn’t fully mastered the technique yet however he has shown some good potential while using it. This technique allows him to create fluid shadows and surround the area with it. He can use these shadows at his disposal and use advanced manipulation to attack the enemies.

Megumi Fushiguro’s Domain Expansion
Megumi Fushiguro’s Domain Expansion

First Instance

The technique debuted in manga chapter 58 and anime episode 23 of Jujutsu Kaisen. Megumi first uses this technique by imagining that he was surpassing his limits. This resulted in Megumi using the Chimera Shadow Garden.

However, along with that, he exhausted all of his cursed energy. The domain expansion was incomplete but he was able to achieve significant progress. Furthermore, it helped him in strengthening his Ten Shadows Technique.

Applications of Chimera Shadow Garden

Megumi has used this technique in lots of creative ways. He can use these liquid shadows to support, attack, and even power up himself. The shadows created also help Megumi in traveling at quick speeds. When his shadows surround the territory, he can move within it quickly by surfing on these shadows.

Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden
Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden

He can even create his own fake shadow to deceive the opponent as seen in chapter 58 of the manga. Megumi is also capable of entering another user’s shadow domain by using Chimera Shadow Garden. In chapter 108, he was able to enter the domain of Dagon.

There’s still a lot Megumi can do with his domain expansion technique as he becomes a much stronger Jujutsu user. In the latest anime episode, he used his technique for the first time and fans are eager to see what else he can do with this cool ability.

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