Chigvintsev Cried at Nikki Bella’s Nasty Wedding Vows: “Promise to Be There for You, Bossy and All”

Chigvintsev Cried at Nikki Bella's Nasty Wedding Vows: "Promise to Be There for You, Bossy and All"

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev held the most adorable wedding festivities.

On Thursday’s broadcast of the E! special Nikki Bella Says I Do, Nikki, 39, and Artem, 40, said their touching wedding vows in front of a small gathering of friends and family. There were a few bumps in the road leading up to the big day for the pair before the vows’ jokes and tears.

Nikki’s wedding clothes hadn’t been steam-pressed the night before, and the wedding bands had vanished, so the wedding day didn’t exactly get off to a good start.

Moments before he was to go down the aisle, Artem told Nikki’s twin sister Brie Bella, “I’m not in a good place right now to offer a promise because my head clearly is not where it should be.” “Right now, this circumstance is the most absurd. I don’t know how rings can suddenly vanish.”

Nikki, who was in the next room, told her makeup artist, “I just really want to get this ceremony started because we’re not going to have time for anything else.” “We seem to be moving through everything really quickly. I was quite happy, but now there are all of these drawbacks.”

Brie warned Artem that “something always goes wrong on the day of the wedding.” Nicole, you need to look past the minor things, I was just saying.

Chigvintsev Cried at Nikki Bella's Nasty Wedding Vows: "Promise to Be There for You, Bossy and All"

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As Artem requested some alone time, his best man, fellow Dancing with the Stars pro-Gleb Savchenko, gave him some encouragement, and Artem had an epiphany.

He said, “I have a room full of people who care for both of us and I have a lovely woman who wants to marry me and who I want to marry. “The mental storm subsided once I began to think in that manner. In actuality, getting married isn’t about the rings; it’s about expressing your emotions, being present, and looking into your future wife’s eyes. Once I realized this, everything fell back into place.”

All was well until Nikki reached Artem at the end of the aisle, and both were eager to declare their love for one another through their individual vows.

Nikki began reading her vows with, “From the minute you waltzed into my life, I knew you were heaven-sent. “Our compatibility was obvious. It seemed as though we had known one other our entire lives, and here I am, about to become your wife. Life with you is perfect; what more can be said? Wine nights with Tignanello, sushi and sake dates even in bed, a secret trip to France, vineyard hikes, and FaceTime snoozes.”

They both fought back tears as she continued, “Then you gave me the best present of all.” “thereby giving our baby Matteo a mother, me. Bossy and all, I swear to always be there for you. I’ll take you back to Turkey or wherever we can kiss your parents, brother, and other family members. I know now, as my heart has known forever, Mr. Chigvintsev, that you are the one for me beginning now and forever after fighting through our ups and downs to you being the best father.”

Chigvintsev Cried at Nikki Bella's Nasty Wedding Vows: "Promise to Be There for You, Bossy and All"

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Artem began his vows by saying, “This is difficult because I’m not a good writer. “I want to start by saying how beautiful you look. I’m very grateful to be standing here next to you. Next to a woman who is utterly amazing, astoundingly perfect, giving and considerate, and who is a fantastic mother. I want to make the pledge that I will love each and every person in this room—your family, my family, and friends—forever and without conditions, despite how challenging life may occasionally be.”

Nikki reacted, “We’re simply so enthusiastic,”

He said, “I want to vow to be patient and understanding. “It’s quite significant to me since, as a child, I had two idols in my parents. I firmly believe in our relationship, which is unquestionably unforgettable. I am really eager to introduce you as my bride.”

After the ceremony, the couple laughed, drank champagne, and danced a lot.

Viewers observed the couple’s struggle with personal challenges leading up to their wedding during the four-episode E! special.

Days before their Paris wedding, the couple had a furious dispute last week that left both of them unsure of their future.

Nikki explained, “Artem and I had a fairly severe dispute last night, and he and Matteo are leaving for Turkey in a few hours. “Matteo will travel to Turkey with Artem and our nanny Mirium, Artem and I have decided. Brie and I are just going to organize this wedding while I stay in Paris.”

Chigvintsev Cried at Nikki Bella's Nasty Wedding Vows: "Promise to Be There for You, Bossy and All"

They’ll be in Turkey for four days, which is making me quite anxious, she added. “Artem interpreted my questions and statements about it as a desire for him not to go, not to visit his parents, and not to do any of that. It undoubtedly contributed to a great deal of tension, which is still present.”

DWTS expert continued, “The fact that Nicole and I got into a fight is not the finest feeling. Are you expecting me to reply, “No, we’re not going,” which made me angry? We’re only staying in Paris, right? She does seem to have some worries about my capacity to be with Matteo and be his father. I’ll be able to manage it.”

Addressing the cameras, she admitted how challenging the couple’s wedding plans were getting and said that having the ceremony in Paris, where they became engaged in November 2019, was the best choice.

She said, “The one thing I’ve learned in becoming his fiancée is that Artem is definitely a realist. “Despite being so far away, Artem’s family is quite close to him. In America, Artem doesn’t have many friends. I get so upset because I care so much about my family. My family comes first in my life. My grandparents aren’t able to meet my son. I’m beginning to see that getting married in Napa Valley won’t work.”

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