Chicago Pd Season 9 Finale Recap: Check Latest Updates in 2022

chicago pd season 9 finale recap
CHICAGO P.D. -- "Equal Justice" Episode 806 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

The Season 9 finale of Chicago P.D. picked up where the previous episode left off, with Intelligence trying to bring down Escano, who was waging a war against his whole enterprise.

While Upton would be alright following the explosion that knocked her unconscious for a few moments, the investigation would not. Escano was still on the run, and Anna was afraid he’d track her out and kill her as he’d done to everyone else who had betrayed him. Once she talked with an associate district attorney, Voight offered to get her into witness protection.

Meanwhile, he told the team to gather all of their evidence and bring it to ASA Chapman, who decided they didn’t have enough evidence to justify an arrest warrant. When Voight threatened to ruin her career if she didn’t assist, Chapman instead issued a search warrant.

On Chicago P.D., how Did Anna Die?

chicago pd season 9 finale recap

Escano became aware that he was being followed by authorities and went on the run. Anna feared for her life as a consequence, despite Voight’s assurances that he would safeguard her, and her kid, and place her under witness protection. However, we soon find that Anna eluded police protection and murdered Escano at his bakery.

The dying cartel boss discloses to Voight and Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) that Anna stabbed him with his last breath. Voight, desperate to keep Anna out of prison, goes “off the books” and tracks her down, all while making some extremely questionable (and illegal) actions to cover up her crime. He ultimately locates her and sees the informant involved in an automobile accident. He confronts her, but she defends herself by brandishing a pistol.

Anna is sleep-deprived, anxious, and terrified of the ramifications of killing Escano at this time. Voight tries to calm her down by reassuring her that he is there to assist her. However, a police siren frightens her, prompting her to shoot Voight. Halstead and Upton retaliate by shooting her as well.

Voight, upset, refuses to leave Anna’s side and travels in the ambulance with her to the hospital. What were Anna’s final words? “Please accept my apologies.”

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Why Did Voight Develop Such a Strong Attachment to Anna?

chicago pd season 9 finale recap

Voight is no stranger to crossing the line when individuals he cares about are in extremely perilous situations, as Chicago P.D. fans are well aware. (Take, for example, his cover-up of Upton’s murder of Roy at the start of Season 9.) We also know that, despite his best intentions, people closest to Voight frequently suffer as a result of his actions. And he formed a close relationship with Anna throughout the course of the season.

Patrick John Flueger (Ruzek) told Entertainment Weekly, “You haven’t seen this side of the man in a long time, if ever.” “He feels extremely fatherly and protective of Anna, so he’s not completely in charge as you’re used to seeing Voight.”

LaRoyce Hawkins (Atwater) chimed in with his thoughts: “We’re witnessing a man who has had to bury his kid, his closest friend, and his wife. With this Anna incident, we’re seeing the fruition of a lot of these situations.”

What Else Happened Towards the End of Season 9?

While the Voight/Anna plot consumed the most of the show, there was one bright spot. The remainder of the Intelligence Unit followed Voight’s orders to continue their probe into Los Temidos while Anna was dying. Ruzek, Atwater, and Burgess undertake a raid and discover a 400-kilogram narcotics hoard. “It has to be the largest seizure in the history of the city,” Atwater adds.

Recap of Chicago Pd Season 9 Episode 22

chicago pd season 9 finale recap

Escano discovers what the cops were planning at the start of the episode. They moved on a package they mistook for heroin, but the driver went on a killing spree, killing the officers who were following him. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed as a result of the explosives. Halstead and Upton escaped with minor injuries. They were knocked unconscious for a minute, and Upton’s face was injured by the blast.

They were good except for it. They would heal, unlike many of Escano’s victims who never did. When Voight found out about the device, he acted quickly to get Anna off the streets. He was worried about her safety and wanted to get her to a secure area as soon as possible. And he sent out cop vehicles to take her child away.

Rafa, Anna’s kid, was her primary concern. Voight then took Anna to the train station, assuring her that her kid was safe. She lacked adequate proof to link Escano to the drug trade or cartels, according to the report. Anna was never given any strong proof. As a result, the ASA was reluctant to get a warrant against Escano and was about to dismiss the investigation when Voight threatened her. Voight warned the ASA that he could either damage her career or acquire the warrant he needed to search Escano’s stash homes if she helped him get the warrant.

Are You Focusing on The Wrong Thing?

chicago pd season 9 finale recap

The ASA he had previously treated questioned why he wasn’t concentrating on a murder. She wanted him to create a case for Los Treminos’ eradication. She hoped to be the prosecutor who brought a cartel-linked gang to justice. After threatening her with a warrant, Voight promised her a job, so she tried to manufacture one. The increasing proof that Anna had slain Escano was impossible to conceal.

Escano was slain just for attempting to assault her. Because Anna had attempted to castrate Escano, Voight didn’t think anybody would accept her account. Because Anna went straight to Escano, Voight assumed it wouldn’t work. When Anna abandoned it and started on the quest for Escano, she was given police protection.

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Ending with A Bang

Sure, they found evidence of Escano’s links to the cartels later on. They were clearing up the narcotics and shutting down the drug caches. All of the key arrests were made by Voight’s crew. He missed it because he was searching for Anna, whom he ultimately discovered. He was able to locate her. When she was engaged in an automobile accident, he was going to let her go. The driver of the second car contacted 911.

Voight made an attempt to intervene. Anna drew a revolver as he attempted to tell her she needed to come in right immediately. Voight attempted to communicate with her. When she was shocked by something at the scene, he was ready to urge her to lay down the pistol. She fired a shot at him. She had no intention of firing a gun at him.

Upton, on the other hand, was there for the filming. Anna then fired a shot at her. After being shot in the shoulder, Voight was able to go closer to Anna and take her hand. He clasped her hand in his even while they were being evacuated in an ambulance. He even retained her writing after she passed away. Voight couldn’t do anything for Anna, but with her gone and the manner she walked out, people would start inquiring about him.