Cher’s Back and Better Than Ever: Collaborating with A.E. Edwards for a Fresh Sound!

Cher Is Working on New Music with Boyfriend Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards

Cher is releasing two albums, so if you’ve been waiting for new music from her, be ready. Nevertheless, the famed singer isn’t working alone; Alexander Edwards, who she may be engaged to, is there to assist her. They’ve been working on new songs together, the legendary singer, 76, recently disclosed.

The “Believe” singer revealed to E! at the Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love event that she will be recording two albums in England. Cher could not contain her smile as she said, “Some of the tunes Alexander gave me,” when asked where she got her musical inspiration. The blushing artist said, “So I’m actually quite happy about that.

Cher Is Working on New Music with Boyfriend Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards

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He is “a producer and a writer” and “does everything,” according to Cher, who also praised his abilities. Asserting that “I believe like any artist when you’ve got something wonderful, you’re excited,” Cher has entire faith in the new song.

In 2021, Cher released “Walls,” her final song. The burlesque diva not only has new music, but she also wants to get in shape and plans to tour in the future.

The “Believe” singer previously talked about her relationship with 36-year-old Edwards, whom she started seeing in the autumn of 2022 after they met at Paris Fashion Week, and how they get along despite their significant age difference.

On The Kelly Clarkson Show, Cher commented, “On paper, it’s sort of ludicrous. “But we get along well in real life. He’s amazing. And I don’t bestow onto person traits they don’t merit.”

Edwards and Cher, who made their relationship public in November, are combining their personal and professional lives. They are going so quickly that on Christmas Day, there were even whispers of engagements. The singer tweeted “THERE R NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, A.E.” after posting a picture of a massive diamond ring.

Cher seems unconcerned about the numerous questions regarding their relationship, such as if Edwards is being serious. She is well aware of the detractors, a source told Us Weekly, “but she couldn’t care less.” She is enjoying the attention and claiming that she and AE have a really special relationship that has made her feel sexier and more vibrant than ever.

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This is by no means the first fun, no-strings-attached affair she’s had in recent years; she’s always been drawn to younger males. She felt comfortable going public with her partner since this one seems different and unique.

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