Glamorous Makeover: A Look at Chelsea Houska’s Stunning Transformation!

chelsea houska before and after

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska has been charged with undergoing facial surgery in the past year because, in the eyes of followers, she no longer resembles herself. Although she has spent a lot of money on several skincare treatments, the mother of four has always denied ever having any genuine operations done.

In one of the Instagram posts, Chelsea, 31, talked to followers about undergoing lip fillers and Botox. You know what warms me up, she said. my small heart feels warm. I’m filling up my lips for the holidays. I’ll go ahead and do it right away. The benefits were instantly apparent in her subsequent video, which was shot after bulking up.

While Chelsea’s skin was smoother and had fewer wrinkles, her lips seemed larger. She said in another video tale, “So I did my Botox touch-up, and then I have numbing on my lips.” “Only a tiny bit,” she said, “it’s just a touch-up.” Chelsea taped a last report on the outcomes when she got home, detailing a new operation she had for the first time.

“There are no bruises or other injuries. I believe we painted at least half of her face, if not all of it. I only needed a small amount of lip refresher. “I had my jaw treated with Botox for the first time. Very when I’m under stress or my anxiety is particularly acute, I really clench my teeth. I’m eager to see how it goes since (the nurse) indicated that will help a lot.

However, I adore them.

Chelsea made hints about having Botox from her dentist father, who frequently made appearances on Teen Mom 2, back in 2016. She posted an Instagram photo of her dad caressing her forehead while people around them shone their mobile phone flashlights on them, despite the fact that dentists frequently use Botox to relax the tight muscles that lead to TMJ.

Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer, who was also present, was terrified to see her get an injection. Chelsea had annotated the image with the phrase “Botox party,” further indicating what was happening.

Rapidly Altering  Looks

chelsea houska before and after

The former Teen Mom actress recently made an appearance in her 34-year-old husband Cole’s new Christmas-themed TikTok video.

Viewers were more amused by Chelsea’s presence than Cole’s hilarious video, according to an online conversation.

I’m eager for Chels to transition out of her pumpkin spice complexion phase and onto something a little more modest, observed one reviewer.

She’s stunning and in better shape than ever.

With a more natural skin tone, she would glow, said another reviewer.

Why does her face seem younger? said a third reviewer. Botox and fillers

Is Chelsea truly so orange, or is this some sort of filter? asked a fourth poster.

“What has she done to her horrible face and skin tone,” a commenter chipped in. Nooo!

“Stop using fillers already! They aren’t doing anything to help!

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Followers Are Disappointed by Her New Looks

Many of her followers have pleaded with her to stop the treatments for the previous two years.

After a previous treatment, Chelsea’s followers complained that she seemed “unrecognizable,” pleading with the reality star to “stop” receiving lip fillers.

She appears to have a plastic face, said one enthusiast.

Another person said, “I don’t even recognize her.”

Another user added a sobbing emoji and said, “I stared at it for a whole minute before recognizing it was truly Chelsea.”

She’s a gorgeous girl, commented one commenter. Not that I’m complaining, just the fillers. Nope.”

A discussion over a flashback image uploaded by the account Teen Mom Talk last year led to claims that the reality star had chin implants and fillers.

Fans Views on Her New Looks

chelsea houska before and after

When they all had blonde hair and more natural-looking features, Teen Mom actresses Chelsea, Jenelle Evans, and Kailyn Lowry could be seen sitting and grinning together in the photo.

Fans commented: “Back when they all had natural lips lmao” and “All of them had no lips haha” after observing how different she appeared then compared to now.

Chelsea, don’t tell us you don’t use lip injections, a third said to the mother-of-four.

Others said that out of all the Teen Moms, “Chelsea changed the most.”

Chelsea has never shown interest in having any form of plastic surgery, however, she has acknowledged having previously undergone a microlaser peel and broadband light therapy.

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Fans Think That She Is Obsessed with Fillers or Botox

chelsea houska before and after

Chelsea’s latest social media photographs that displayed her tiny waistline have also caused worry among followers. Her decreasing shape prompted remarks from other users when one worried user tweeted a screenshot of one of her Instagram images showcasing her chiseled abs.

Someone said simply, “She’s very little,” while another speculated that the diva utilizes “slimming filters.” A fourth person claimed that the mother-of-four looked “far different,” while a third person questioned whether Chelsea’s tummy had been “photoshopped.”

Chelsea said last year that she wanted to get back in shape before turning 30.

The former Teen Mom 2 star is aiming to go back to her pre-baby weight after giving birth to her fourth child, a girl named Walker June, in January 2021 with her husband Cole Deboer, 34.

Since then, she has been showcasing her weight reduction success by sharing images of herself on social media.

The South Dakota native talked about her own struggle with weight gain during an Instagram Q&A with her fans.

She answered a fan’s question on how she got rid of the postpartum belly fat by describing how her physique has evolved with each kid.

Chelsea got honest with some “postpartum stomach chat,” then raised her grey hoodie to expose a flat tummy.

She acknowledged that she had “some stretch marks on my front” and “a little bit of loose skin,” but added that “most of my stretch marks are on my side.”

The brunette said that although “they didn’t become worse with each baby,” the markings first appeared when she gave birth to her oldest daughter, Aubree, now 13 years old.

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