Chelsea Handler claims 50 Cent Was Just Joking Concerning Trump Endorsement

Chelsea Handler has shown her ex-boyfriend, 50 Cent, was just kidding when he seemed to support Donald Trump on social networking.

“that I DM’d him I said,’Could you please phone me concerning that?'” Handler said. “‘ I actually I would like to be aware of whether you’re seriously interested in encouraging Trump.’ He was not severe. He was only screwing around to his Twitter. He’s encouraging Joe Biden. He made that quite clear . I’d claim to pay his obligations and then I discovered it is illegal to pay someone to vote for the own candidate,” she explained during a recent appearance on The View.

“Therefore I offered him a different kind of payment and we’ll find out if he’ll take me up on it. However, I do not need to cover him. He is a Biden supporter.”

Later she openly offered to sleep together when he awakened his acceptance, 50 jumped on societal networking and stated”f*ck Donald Trump.”

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