‘Cheer’ Star Jerry Harris Must Stay Jailed Until Trial, Prosecutors Say

'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris Should Remain Jailed Until Trial, Prosecutors Say

“Cheer” Celebrity Jerry Harris should Stay behind bars Before his trial because he Is”a clear and present Threat to the Neighborhood and most Especially defenseless children”… so Maintain the feds.

Harris includes a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday, along with national prosecutors filed lawful docs requesting the judge to deny his own release on bail as he awaits his trial to child porn.

In accordance with this new docs, acquired by TMZ, the feds assert Harris exploited and divided at least 5 10 minors for 2 or more years… asking that they ship him sexually explicit pictures of these.

Prosecutors also allege his criminal behavior includes sexually attacking a 15-year old boy… and targeting youthful boys by reaching them out through his telephone and forcing them to participate in sexually explicit action.

From the docs, the feds maintain Harris fessed around sexually assaulting at least minor boy at an unlocked public toilet in a cheer occasion.

To make their point on him staying a threat to the people… prosecutors maintain when Harris was tipped off to a potential investigation into his crimeshe wasn’t able to restrain his instincts and proceeded to victimize several different minors.

As we mentioned… that the FBI is requesting the public’s assistance to identify greater possible sufferers . The feds assert Harris confessed to a lot of those allegations from him, such as soliciting and getting child pornographic pictures on Snapchat.

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