Charlotte Crosby Before and After: How Old Is She and What Operation Has She Had?

charlotte crosby before and after

Charlotte Crosby of Geordie Shore recently announced that she and her boyfriend Jake Ankers are expecting their first child. In her announcement, the former Geordie Shore star was shown attending the earliest stages of the initial baby scans, looking completely fresh-faced.

Charlotte’s face can be seen up close and in detail, as she hugs friends when announcing the happy news in some of the clips she released in her announcement film. Charlotte’s face is makeup-free and looks incredibly natural in some of the clips she posted in her announcement video.

Her joyous news and fresh-faced appearances came a year after rumors about the star’s £20,000 plastic surgery surfaced.

Charlotte has changed a lot since she originally shot to popularity in 2011, and she now has more pillowy lips and polished cheekbones.

What Has Happened to Your Face, Celebrities? was a Channel 5 show that aired in April of last year and highlighted the young Geordie girl.

Do You Know if She’s Single or If She Has a Boyfriend?

charlotte crosby before and after

Charlotte’s love life is as well-known as her ever-changing appearance. Her on-again, off-again romance with fellow Geordie Shore cast member Gaz Beadle came to an end after she had an ectopic pregnancy. Charlotte was in a publicized relationship with Josh Ritchie from 2018 to 2019.

Charlotte is now in a relationship with Liam Beaumont. Since 2020, she has been dating the 30-year-old videographer and content developer. Charlotte and Liam are said to have met in Dubai at the start of 2020 while she was partying with her Geordie Shore girlfriends.

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Before and After Photos of Charlotte Crosby’s Operation

What’s Happened to Your Face, according to an expert on Celebrities: What’s Happened to Your Face? Charlotte has almost certainly had Botox and fillers injected into her face. She doesn’t resemble the fresh-faced twentysomething who made her initial appearance on Geordie Shore in 2011.

Charlotte Has Brow Tattoos and Confesses to Using Lip Fillers. Charlotte confessed she gets her filler topped up every 12 months during an interview on This Morning in 2018. She added, “I get them done once a year.” “I used to have a lot of problems down the sides, but it’s only once a year now, and I don’t believe they’re that horrible.”

Charlotte has previously discussed her ‘uniboob,’ which is a medical term for a disorder known as congenital symmastia, which manifests as a webbing across the breasts. In 2017, she underwent breast implants to improve her cleavage, which she felt was not defined enough. She had her implants removed after experiencing extreme pain in her breasts on a trip to Brazil with then-boyfriend Joshua Ritchie in 2019.

Charlotte Crosby Underwent Nose Surgery.

charlotte crosby before and after

She’s also been candid about undergoing rhinoplasty on her nose to address a bump, even filming a video about it on her YouTube channel.

Charlotte told Heat magazine after the surgery in 2014, “My previous nose was horrific, it was really bad.” “I believe [my nose] contributed to my lack of confidence, and you always compare yourself to other people on TV.”

“I felt uncomfortable when I watched myself earlier and turned to the side because my nose looked so bad.” “No one ever paid attention to my nose.” I’ve never had a single person tell me that I had a horrible nose in my entire life. “However, I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I had it done for me.”

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